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InterAction-  Frequently Asked Questions

This course demonstrates how to use Application Collaboration to pull external data into InterAction.

Topics include:

  • Explaining how Application Collaboration works
  • Configuring Application Collaboration
  • Harvesting data for Application Collaboration
  • Transforming data into InterAction

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Data Source & Data Sets
  • Assessing & Preparing Data
  • Importing Data
  • Executing Data
  • Resolving Errors
  • Scheduling & Automating AC
    • SQL Studio Part 1
    • SQL Studio Part 2
    • Visual Studio
    • Test & Debug Tasks
    • Schedule Batch to Run
  • Training Evaluation
  • Additional Training Opportunities


    Covers everything I needed.

    Very thorough and informative

    Very good presentation of information and the class and demo flows well and keep engaged with real world and learning purposes demonstrated in slides

    I look forward to referring people who need to know more about AC to this course.