No Second Chances for a First Impression: Legal Writing and the Quick Flip Reader

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123 Minutes
Richard Stevens, Diane Stevens, Steve Berstler
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On-Demand Training
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Legal writing skills matter! Using an incorrect citation style, having a convoluted statement of facts, not addressing key issues, using an overly informal tone along with the obvious, poor grammar and spelling, will very quickly get you labeled a bad writer and will detract from your overall success as a legal professional. Many lawyers today are Quick Flip readers. They scan the first page, and then flip around through the pages looking for things to get their attention and to possibly spot errors. To appeal to a Quick Flip reader, your legal writing must have the sorts of things that kind of reader can speedily recognize and absorb. The presentation of your legal writing is of the utmost importance, however, the fundamentals are equally important. Eventually, someone will delve into your writing and evaluate it at a more detailed level, and no amount of superficial beautification can mask fundamentally unsound composition. Taught by Richard Stevens, an experienced appellate lawyer, author and legal writing instructor, this class will help you impress the Quick Flip reader while maintaining or upgrading the underlying merits and power of your legal writing and legal writing sample.
See CLE State Accreditation for credit details.
If you are licensed in New York, this content is appropriate for both newly admitted and experienced New York attorneys. Although, this content is appropriate for all New York attorneys, newly admitted attorneys cannot earn CLE credit for the completion of the course when presented via on-demand.
State Status Total Credits Type Of Credit Approved Thru
New JerseyApproved2.00GeneralOn-going
New YorkApproved2.00SkillsOn-going
North DakotaApproved2.00GeneralOn-going
West VirginiaApproved2.46GeneralOn-going