InterAction for Application Administrators (05/14/2013-05/17/2013)

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  • Class: InterAction for Application Administrators (05/14/2013-05/17/2013)
  • Date: 05/14/2013-05/17/2013
  • Time: 9:00am EST- 4:00pm EST
  • Class Type: Classroom
  • Registration End: 05/07/2013
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InterAction Administrators are often tasked with managing user access, configuring the system, and maintaining the database, but knowing how to point and click is not enough. The InterAction for Application Administrators goes further to emphasize best practices to support users and functionality. You will become familiar with the general architecture of the Interaction system and then do a deeper dive around all the typical functions Administrators are asked to do. From setting up user accounts, to PIM sync, to configuring the application server, these live, instructor led sessions allow you to gain not only an essential working knowledge of the functions of InterAction, but also an arsenal of best practices to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Different from the Essentials sessions, this 3 day Administrator session offers more hands-on practice, additional instruction on system configuration and hands-on learning of Application Collaboration which allows your firm to configure the feed of third party data into InterAction. This live, instructor led session also allows you to interface with other Administrators which encourages a cross-firm dialogue as to how others in your industry administratively support InterAction.
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Course Objectives
• Understand the InterAction fundamental concepts
• Understand contact organization
• Manage User Access
• Configure InterAction for your organization
• Maintain and monitor InterAction
• Create an automated feed via Application Collaboration

Course Outline  

 ·         Fundamental Concepts
Overview of InterAction 
               Contact Synchronization          
               Company Association            
               Data Change Management    

  ·         InterAction Architecture                      
              PIM and InterAction Web Client     
              InterAction Windows Client          
              InterAction Administrator          

  ·         Demonstration of InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO)                 
              Overview of InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO)        
 InterAction Contact Details         

 ·         Demonstration of the InterAction Web Client                     
               Overview of the InterAction Web Client       
               Performing Tasks on Multiple Contacts       
               Adding a New Contact           

 ·         Demonstration of InterAction Windows Client                      
               Overview of Windows Client        
               Add a New Contact         

  ·         Creating and Managing User Accounts                  
               Overview of User Accounts and User Contact Lists          
               Create a User with InterAction Administrator          
               Managing User Proxies           
               Regional Settings       
               Importing User Accounts           
     Active Directory and User Accounts          

  ·         Creating and Managing User Groups                   
               Overview of User Groups        
               Creating User Groups          
               Managing the Administrative User Accounts             
               Other Permissions          

  ·         Configuring New Contact Rules                    
               Overview of New Contact Rules         
               Viewing and Editing New Contact Rules      

  ·         Configuring Smart Connect                     
               Overview of Smart Connect           
               Creating and Editing Smart Connect Rules      
               Enabling Smart Connect Rules     
               Configure the No Match Rule           
               Clearing Smart Connect Recommendations for Multiple Users       

·         Importing Users’ Contacts                      
              Import User Contacts            
              Verify User Contacts             

 ·         Administering Folder Classes and Folder Types                      
              Contact Organization             
              Administering Folder Classes and Folder Types          

 ·         Configuring Folder Dependency Analyzer (FDA)                      
               Overview of Folder Dependencies        
               Viewing a Folder Dependency Rule        
               Creating a Folder Dependency Rule         

·         Additional Configuration                     
              Configuring Nomenclature           
              Configuring Regional Settings          
 Configuring Global Additional Fields       
  Configuring Activity and Appointment Types          
              Configuring Relationship Types          

 ·         Configuring PIM Synchronization                    
              Overview of PIM Synchronization        
              Setting up Microsoft Outlook to InterAction Sync           
              Configuring User Contact Lists for Sync     
              Matching InterAction Users with Exchange Users        
              Enabling and Disabling Microsoft Outlook to InterAction Sync       
              Scheduling OL to InterAction Synchronization     
 Configuring IMO to Automatically Log Appointments          

 ·         Configuring Process Manager                  
              Overview of Automated Server Processes          
              Process Manager Workstation Requirements    
              Reviewing Process Results          

 ·         Configuring the Application Server                     
              Overview of the Application Server       
              App Server Config File           
              Starting and Stopping the Application Server            
              Log Files for the Application Server          

 ·         Configuring NTLM                     
              Skipping the Web Client and Windows Client Login Pages       

·         Configuring Settings to Maximize System Performance                   
              Configuring the InterAction Environment         
              App Server Config File          
              WebPage Config File         
              IIS Tuning for Improved Web Client Performance          

 ·         Maintaining and Monitoring the Server               
              Maintaining and Monitoring Your Server    
              Database Maintenance Script        
              Ongoing Maintenance for Application Server         
              InterAction Logs for Application Server       
              Disaster Recovery         

·         Procedure When Employee Leaves the Organization        
Employee Leaves the Organization        -

·         Application Collaboration                 
              Application Collaboration             
              Data Sources & Data Sets            
 Assessing and Preparing Data          
 Importing Data into InterAction   
  Executing/Transforming Data       
    Resolving Errors/Non-Loaded Data           
              Scheduling and Automating AC         

Prerequisites: None

• Application and network administrators who will be installing and configuring InterAction.
• Help desk personnel who will be supporting InterAction end users.
• InterAction implementation leaders who want to learn about installing and configuring InterAction.

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  • Rating  This class was just great! Thank you.
  • Rating  Overall this course is very well done and has lots of great information.
  • Rating  The instructor was very good and more then willing to address any and all questions!
  • Rating  The Trainer was great and made the material very easy to understand. She took the time to answer all of our questions and I left feeling confident I could adminster all the tasks we need to do.
  • Rating  As a systems Analyst I found the content of this class very useful.
  • Rating  Gives good insight on how IA is maintained and kept running on the backend.
  • Rating  I think this is a good course for system administrators as well as marketing and data steward users who will be handling some of the administrator functions of the system.
  • Rating  This course fit my needs perfectly. Great intro to the foundations of the system & we got into some of the nitty gritty details by the last day. I'd recommend this session.
  • Rating  Instructor was very knowledgeable and adaptable to students questions and concerns.
  • Rating  Was one of the best instructors I have ever had.
  • Rating  The trainer was amazing at keeping the material moving at an appropriate pace.
  • Rating  The trainer was a fantastic instructor that is very knowledgeable. My training with her was exactly what I needed.
  • Rating  This class was perfect. Because I learn more by having access to the software immediately after training, I think that it will take a little time to get used to it, but it does seem far more intuitive than other products I have seen.
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Class Information

    This three-day course provides information on how to administer, configure, and maintain an InterAction system.