CaseMap FastTrack - Online (CLE) (05/13/2013-05/13/2013)

Seats Available: 10

  • Class: CaseMap FastTrack - Online (CLE) (05/13/2013-05/13/2013)
  • Date: 05/13/2013
  • Time: 11:30am EST- 3:30pm EST
  • Class Type: Virtual Training
  • Registration End: 05/09/2013


If you are responsible for setting up and entering and reviewing case data, importing and searching, this class is right for you. It includes sample cases and hands-on assistance from an expert instructor. This class is most appropriate for Users, and is an alternative to the Administrator-focused CaseMap 201 class. 
·         Getting Started
·         Getting Data Into CaseMap
·         Analyzing Data
·         Searching Data
·         Using DocManager
·         Getting Data Out of CaseMap

State Accreditation

Price: $249.00

Class Information

    This instructor-led class is designed for those responsible for setting up new cases and entering data, but who do not handle other Administration-related tasks. Price is per person for this hands-on class.