InterAction Train-the-Trainer Workshop (02/04/2013-02/05/2013)

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  • Class: InterAction Train-the-Trainer Workshop (02/04/2013-02/05/2013)
  • Date: 02/04/2013-02/05/2013
  • Time: 9:00am EST- 4:30pm EST
  • Class Type: Classroom
  • Registration End: 01/28/2013
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One of the biggest challenges to implementing or redeploying any software program is getting your users trained.  Time, content, technology, and user willingness are often your biggest obstacles toward a successful rollout. The Train the Trainer session will give you the knowledge, tools and support needed to train your staff on all the essential functions of the InterAction product. From the integration with Microsoft Outlook, using the web client, and desktop integration, to helping you create your training plan using field tested best practices, this session will provide you with invaluable resources and lessons to educate your end users. The class also focuses on already developed resources in the InterAction Education Toolkit such as hand-outs, powerpoint presentations, and business procedures to help you develop a customized InterAction education program that specifically meets the needs of your firm. This live, instructor led session also encourages a cross-firm dialogue regarding tips and tricks and other best practices that trainers in your industry have used to train their users efficiently and effectively.


Course Objectives
• Understand the InterAction fundamental concepts
• Complete end-user tasks in the Web Client
• Complete InterAction end-user tasks using desktop integration
• Understand tips for teaching end-users
• Understand the framework of developing end-user InterAction courses


AfterClass Training Resources:


Your registration includes valuable access to our InterAction Eductation team.


·         Follow up communications with tips-n-tricks and the InterAction Training Quarterly Newsletter     


·         2 hours of web-based, private Buy A Trainer in your InterAction environment  Valued at $1000 for no additional charge!   


·         10% discount on additional Buy A Trainer sessions


*AfterClass resources are available only to registered class participant. Buy A Trainer must be completed within 12 months of original class date.


Course Outline


·         InterAction Overview 
       Fundamental Concepts Review
                Organizational Goals for InterAction 
                Training Practices - Yours and Ours
                Prioritizing Topics for Training 



·         InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO) 
                Overview of InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO) 
                Preparing for a Client Visit
                Using the IMO Pane 
                Following up after a Meeting 
                On-going Contact Management
                Prioritizing Topics for Training
                Tips for Training 



·         InterAction Web Client 
Overview of the InterAction Web Client 
                Preparing for a Client Visit 
                Following Up After a Meeting 
                On-going Contact Management 
                Working Lists
                Prioritizing Topics for Training 



·         Microsoft Word Integration 
Overview of Microsoft Word Integration 
                Mail Merges with MS Word
                Prioritizing Topics for Training 



·         Creating Your Training Plan
InterAction Training Best Practices 
                InterAction Support Center 
                Create the Training Outline






Trainers who will be educating end users on the InterAction Web Client and Desktop Integration Tools.
Help desk personnel who will be supporting end users who use the Web Client and Desktop Integration Tools.
InterAction implementation leaders who want to learn about the InterAction Web Client and Desktop Integration Tools




State Accreditation


  • Rating  This curriculum was very clear and relevant.
  • Rating  Great practical advice on customizing your training.
  • Rating  Training and trainer were fantastic!
  • Rating  We had a great class and all of the people in the session learned new and quicker ways to use the product.
  • Rating  This course was very effective and well put together. Our Trainer was not not knowledgeable about the program, but also included a lot of training tips and techniques that will be useful for me as a trainer.
  • Rating  A great useful session for trainers
  • Rating  The instructor was very knowledgeable about the system and was very personable & intuitive to our needs. She encouraged personal experience knowledge from those learning as well as feedback when we needed more explanation/examples.
Price: $1400.00

Class Information

    This two-day classroom course prepares trainers to educate attorneys and administrative assistants about InterAction.