InterAction Essentials - Maintaining and Monitoring (02/22/2013-02/22/2013)

Seats Available: 10

  • Class: InterAction Essentials - Maintaining and Monitoring (02/22/2013-02/22/2013)
  • Date: 02/22/2013
  • Time: 1:00pm CST- 4:00pm CST
  • Class Type: Virtual Training
  • Registration End: 02/13/2013


InterAction Essentials Frequently Asked Questions

InterAction Administrators are tasked with managing user access, configuring the system, and maintaining the database. Participants will become familiar with the general architecture of the Interaction system and then do a deeper dive around all the typical functions Administrators are asked to do. From setting up user accounts, to PIM sync, to configuring the application server, these live, instructor led sessions, will give participants an essential working knowledge on InterAction Administrator functions.

This bundle includes the following course modules:
• InterAction Fundamental Concepts:
• Managing User Access and Contact Data
• InterAction Configuration
• InterAction - Maintaining and Monitoring

Fundamental Concepts
• Overview of InterAction
• Contact Synchronization
• Company Association
• Data Change Management

InterAction Architecture
• Overview of InterAction Architecture
• PIM and InterAction Web Client
• InterAction Windows Client
• InterAction Administrator

Demonstration of InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO)
• Overview of IMO
• Searching for Contacts and Viewing Contact Details
• Viewing and Adding Information from IMO Pane
• Adding an Email Activity

Demonstration of the InterAction Web Client
• Overview of the Web Client
• Message Center
• Searching for Contacts
• Viewing Contact Details
• Using the Find Contact Field
• Performing Tasks on Multiple Contacts

Demonstration of the InterAction Windows Client
• Overview of Windows Client
• Viewing Contact Details
• Add a New Contact

Managing User Access and Contact Data:
• Creating and managing user accounts
• Creating and managing user groups
• Setting Permissions and Rights

InterAction Configuration:
• Administering Folder Classes and Folder Types
• Configuring Folder Dependency Analyzer (FDA)
• Setting up PIM synchronization
• Configuring the Application Server
• Configuring NTLM

InterAction Maintaining and Monitoring:
• Configure settings to maximize system performance
• Locate and run the recommended database maintenance scripts
• Access and view InterAction logs
• Procedure when employee leaves the organization
• Initialize or move a database

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To ensure the trainer can provide sufficient individual attention to every participant, each registration allows a single person a single connection to the course. If you wish to have additional people share a connection, please register each person individually.

Application and network administrators who will be installing and configuring InterAction.

Help desk personnel who will be supporting InterAction end users.
InterAction implementation leaders who want to learn about installing and configuring InterAction.

State Accreditation

Price: $525.00

Class Information

    This bundle is geared for InterAction Administrators who are tasked with managing user access, configuring InterAction and maintaining the system. The bundle includes a discount in attending all 4 courses. Once registered for this course, meeting information for this class will be sent in a separate email.