Juris Fundamentals – Accounts Receivable (05/09/2013-05/09/2013)

Seats Available: 6

  • Class: Juris Fundamentals – Accounts Receivable (05/09/2013-05/09/2013)
  • Date: 05/09/2013
  • Time: 8:00am CST- 12:00pm CST
  • Class Type: Virtual Training
  • Registration End: 05/06/2013


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CLASS: Juris Fundamentals – Administrator

Everyone needs a place to start. You are now responsible for the setup and maintenance of firm settings and tables in Juris Core. As an administrator or accounting manager, the firm relies on you to maintain accurate records, set up new accounts, and complete bank reconciliations. This live, instructor led session will cover aspects of Juris Core that help streamline administration tasks while maintaining 100% accuracy.

Topics Include:

Introduction (50 minutes)
• Introduction to Juris and Juris Suite modules

Firm Administration (2 hours including 1 10 minute break)
• Maintaining User IDs and Passwords
• Forwarding Accounting Years/Periods
• Overview of Firm Settings
• Creating G/L Accounts and Subaccounts
• Setting up a Bank Account

Organization Management (3 hours including 2 10 minute breaks)
• Maintaining Tables (Offices, Personnel Types, Timekeepers, Practice Classes)
• Creating Juris Codes and Fee/Expense Schedules
• Overview of Reporting in Juris and Juris Suite

General Ledger Transactions (50 minutes)
• Creating Journal Entries
• Completing Bank Reconciliations
• Understanding the Client Trust Account Workflow

Juris Administrators and Accounting Managers who are responsible for the maintenance of firm and accounting settings and tables

CLASS: Juris Fundamentals – Accounts Receivable

Your firm just took a case for a new client, and you need to manage their accounts receivable activity. Juris makes this process streamlined by easily performing conflict inquiries before creating new client/matter records. Once the work begins, Juris allows time and expenses to be tracked and cash receipts to be recorded in order to create accurate bills. This live, instructor led session will cover the functionality available to take the pain out of managing A/R.

Topics Include:

Introduction (50 minutes)
• Introduction to Juris and Juris Suite modules

Accounts Receivable (3 hours including 2 10 minute breaks)
• Completing the Client/Matter intake process
• Creating, importing and posting Time and Expense Entries in Juris Core (not in Juris Suite)
• Recording Cash Receipts
• Creating Credit Memos

Accounting Managers and A/R Clerks who are responsible for client/matter intakes, time and expense management and cash receipts

CLASS: Juris Fundamentals – Accounts Payable

Your firm just hired a new supply company, and you are in charge of managing their invoices and payments. Juris makes adding and managing vendors simple by allowing for easy payment of invoices that are received by the firm no matter if the payment is ad-hoc or scheduled. Vendor inquiries can be run to identify resolutions for vendor discrepancies. And finally, Juris allows for easy check management no matter what the reason, even impromptu payments. This live, instructor led session will give you the knowledge necessary to easily manage all functions around A/P.

Topics Include:

Introduction (50 minutes)
• Introduction to Juris and Juris Suite modules

Accounts Payable (3 hours including 2 10 minute breaks)
• Creating and maintaining Vendor records
• Entering Payment Vouchers
• Creating Client Cost Advance Vouchers
• Printing and posting Checks
• Voiding checks

Accounting Managers and A/P Clerks who are responsible for vendor setup and check management

CLASS: Juris Fundamentals – Billing

Do you want to streamline your bill editing and distribution? Juris can help you organize the process by gathering posted transactions that fall within a defined range and then allowing the user to make edits. From there; printing, generating e-billing export files and posting the bills is easily accomplished using the sequential options available from Juris. Participants will leave this live, instructor led session confident in their ability to manage the billing process for their firm using the Juris tool.

Topics include:

Introduction (50 minutes)
• Introduction to Juris and Juris Suite modules

Billing Workflow (3 hours including 2 10-minute breaks)
• Selecting, editing and reprinting Prebills
• Emailing and saving copies of Bills
• Overview of JurisBX for client-mandated e-billing export files
• Printing and posting Bills
• Printing A/R Statements

Accounting Managers and Billing Clerks who are responsible for prebill editing and bill processing

Price: $325.00

Class Information

    Participants will receive essential working knowledge of the Juris Product