PCLaw New CIC Certification 12 - Classroom (05/07/2013-05/08/2013)

Seats Available: 7

  • Class: PCLaw New CIC Certification 12 - Classroom (05/07/2013-05/08/2013)
  • Date: 05/07/2013-05/08/2013
  • Time: 9:00am EST- 4:30pm EST
  • Class Type: Classroom
  • Registration End: 04/05/2013


This class is required and designed to teach the critical information needed to become a PCLaw Certified Independent Consultant.

CIC Certification Training for PCLaw consists of the following:
- Completion of six 3-hour eLearning web classes and associated homework on product functionality.
- Completion of a 2-day Implementation Workshop. 

Successful completion of associated product assessment with a passing score of 85% or higher. 

The Certified Independent Certification Course is open to those seeking both CIC certification and general certification. CIC certification is intended for those individuals whose primary business focus is consulting. An application and acceptance by LexisNexis, addition to a passing grade on the course & exams, is required in order to participate in the CIC program. Before course registration can be confirmed, please submit the CIC application for approval. CIC Application You will be contacted and advised as to your approval and course registration status within 5 days of submission.

CIC Certification consists of PCLaw CIC Certification v12 eLearning Modules 1 through 6, completion of 2-day implementation workshop with presentation, and successful completion of associated product assessment with a passing score of 85% or higher within 60 days of training completion.

eLearning Modules include the following topics:

Module 1
• Installation of PCLaw (Standard vs. SQL)
• System Settings Overview
• Workstation Settings
• Connection Settings
• E-Mail: Homework

Module 2
• Review Homework from Module 1
• Lists (Lawyers and Rates | General Ledger)
• Client and Matter Manager
• Calendar and ToDo’s
• Document Manager and Email
• Phone Calls, Messages and I/O Messaging
• E-Mail: Homework

Module 3
• Review Homework from Module 2
• Time and Fee Entry
• Expense Recovery
• General Bank
• A/P
• Trust
• E-Mail: Homework

Module 4
• Review Homework from Module 3
• Pre-Billing
• Billing
• Billing Extras
• Receipts
• General Retainers
• E-Mail: Homework

Module 5
• Review Homework from Module 4
• Write Up/Write Down
• Interest
• Past Due Notices
• Template Editor
• E-Mail: Homework

Module 6
• Review Homework from Module 5
• Accounting Review
- General Ledger Overview
- Accounting 101 (DR vs CR)
- Cash/Modified Cash/Accrual
- Client Cost G/L Flow
- A/P Flow
- Trust to General Flow
E-Mail: Must pass accounting exam



Overview and review of e-learning series (Q&A)

o Security
o Month & Year End, G/L Statements and Bank Reconciliation
o Report Layouts
o Linking to other products


• CIC to CIC
• Introduce the ADDKAP concepts and discuss same as they relate to PCLaw
• PM Forums
• Relying upon fellow CIC’s
• Show service center / white papers
• Call CIC line as a last resort – make sure your ducks are in a row


• Live Labs - CIC Candidates present their PCLaw databases.

• Conclusion – Review test taking procedure and last minute questions

Prerequisites: PCLaw CIC Certification v12 eLearning Modules 1 through 6, completion of 2-day implementation workshop, and passing score on associated New CIC Certification v12 exam.