PCLaw Administrator and Office Manager

PCLaw Administr

  • Class: PCLaw Administrator and Office Manager
  • Run Time: 1440 Minutes
  • Class Type: On-Demand Training
  • Registration End: 09/30/2013


Section: PCLaw Administrator & Office Manager

Samantha is the implementer, responsible for all setup activities in PCLaw, whether it is adding a new user, bank account, or explanation code. She oversees the firm’s contracts, itinerary and documentation. Samantha dictates uniformity within PCLaw, including templates, and firm wide options and settings. PCLaw Administrator & Office Manager walks you through PCLaw Front Office, setup, and software settings.

PCLaw OnDemand Training

This session is one section out of four based on a user’s role in the PCLaw 14 OnDemand Training. The PCLaw 14 OnDemand training sessions will demonstrate fundamental concepts, and techniques to enable the user to perform PCLaw basic user level tasks. Users with a current Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) have unlimited free access to this training for the length of their subscription. For top to bottom coverage you are welcome to register for all four sections of the training.

 Lessons Available in this Suite:

• Adding Lawyers and Rates
• Creating Explanation Codes
• Creating Task Codes
• Creating Bank Accounts
• Applying Types of Law
• Time Entry Advisor
• Creating Email Templates for Billing
• Managing Contacts
• System Settings for Data Entry
• Workstation setting for Calendar

General Setup

• Lawyers and Rates
• Types of Law
• System Settings
• Security
• Explanation Codes
• Task Codes
• Workstation Settings

Accounting Setup

• Bank Accounts
• E-mail Templates

Practice Management

• Calendar
• Phone Call Manager
• Contact Manager
• Time Entry Advisor

Average class length is 2 hours. Recording features interactive components and duration will be different for everyone.

Other Sessions for PCLaw 14 OnDemand training include:

For a more targeted learning path you may concentrate on only one section based on role.

Price: $275.00

Class Information

    PCLaw Administrator & Office Manager walks you through PCLaw Front Office, setup, and software settings.