InterAction Essentials - Fundamental Concepts (07/07/2014-07/07/2014)

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  • Class: InterAction Essentials - Fundamental Concepts (07/07/2014-07/07/2014)
  • Date: 07/07/2014
  • Time: 1:00pm EST- 4:00pm EST
  • Class Type: Virtual Training
  • Registration End: 07/02/2014


 InterAction -  Frequently Asked Questions
The power of InterAction to strategically support Business Development and Marketing efforts is often what drives firms to invest in CRM software.  InterAction helps you and your firm streamline the management and support of business development goals. In the Essentials for Marketing Professionals, you will learn to get the most out of InterAction by acquiring the skills necessary to complete critical marketing tasks, and incorporating our best practices to exponentially evolve your business development efforts.  These live, instructor led sessions also allow you to interface with other Marketing professionals which encourages a cross-firm dialogue as to how others in your industry use InterAction to support marketing activities.

This bundle includes the following course modules:
• InterAction Fundamental Concepts*
• Maintaining, Searching and Importing Contacts*
• Managing Marketing and Working Lists

Fundamental Concepts
• Overview of InterAction
• Contact Synchronization
• Company Association
• Data Change Management

InterAction Architecture
• Overview of InterAction Architecture
• PIM and InterAction Web Client
• InterAction Windows Client
• InterAction Administrator

Demonstration of InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO)
• Overview of IMO
• Searching for Contacts and Viewing Contact Details
• Viewing and Adding Information from IMO Pane
• Adding an Email Activity

Demonstration of the InterAction Web Client
• Overview of the Web Client
• Message Center
• Searching for Contacts
• Viewing Contact Details
• Using the Find Contact Field
• Performing Tasks on Multiple Contacts

Demonstration of the InterAction Windows Client
• Overview of Windows Client
• Viewing Contact Details
• Add a New Contact

Maintaining, Searching and Importing Contacts Course Outline:
• Explain the purpose of contact types
• View, edit, and add contact information
• Searching InterAction Data
• Importing Contacts

Managing Marketing and Working Lists Course Outline:
• Create a marketing list including additional fields
• Best practice recommendations for managing mailings and events
• Overview of Folder Dependency Analyzer (FDA)
• Exporting Contact Data
• Overview of Reports

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To participate in this virtual training class, you must have access to an Internet browser and a telephone. To ensure the trainer can provide sufficient individual attention to every participant, each registration allows a single person a single connection to the course. If you wish to have additional people share a connection, please register each person individually.

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Price: $525.00

Class Information

    This bundle is geared for InterAction Marketing professionals who utilize InterAction to support their Marketing and Business Development goals. The modules in this bundle include information on maintaining contacts, managing marketing lists, searching and reporting. The bundle includes a discount in attending all 3 courses. Once registered for this course, meeting information for these classes will be sent in a separate email.