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U.S. Careers

You're looking for a challenging position with global growth potential. We're looking for smart, driven candidates who will help us build the sophisticated solutions that enable our clients to succeed. From marketing and sales to design, development and finance, we offer a number of different career paths that are both challenging and rewarding. Seize the opportunity to grow with us - and put your passion for excellence to work.

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LexisNexis employee

"The Rule of Law Resource Center is a great example of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility. I enjoy working for a company that I know is a good corporate citizen and a responsible global employer"

- Thomas
Managing Editor, Legal News

LexisNexis employee

"Anyone with passion for innovation, learning and growing and delivery of superior products will find a perfect spot to contribute to the success of the company."

- Sarah
Sr. Financial Analyst

LexisNexis employee

"Coming here to work, you see a cohesive and consistent direction from management. You understand the company's objectives and how we fit into those objectives. It isn't just spoken, it is acted upon."

- Denise
Director, Marketing Services

LexisNexis employee

"I'm trusted by my manager and given the authority to make decisions, and that is incredibly satisfying. I can see the impact I make, and I know the work that I do is valued."

- Jon
Director, Content Development