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CIC BM 8 Article – Customizable Lookups Lists

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Richard Marx Posted: Sun, Sep 10 2006 8:36 PM

CIC BM 8 Article – Customizable Lookups Lists




The Lookup feature in Time Matters is the most common and easiest way to link records and create relationships between record types.  Each Lookup field has its own User Level property settings to change the sort order and apply a filter.  Changes can be made Ad Hoc with each Lookup or can be saved for future use.  And now . . .


What’s New


Lookup Screens for Contacts, Matters, Events and ToDos, now include the ability to Edit Columns from the Properties icon.  Contact Lookups can now be set to sort by the new Client No field.


How To - Edit Columns in Contact, Matter, Event and ToDo Lookups


1) Click on the Lookup arrow to the right of your Lookup field.  2) On the Lookup screen, click on the Properties icon (right of Cancel).  3) Click on Edit Columns button.  4) Select from Available Fields and move to In List using the Add button to add a column.  Select from the In List and use the Remove button to remove a column.  Highlight an In List column and use the Up and Down buttons to set the order.  5) Click OK to return to the Contact Lookup Properties screen and OK to return to Contact Lookup.


How To - Sort a Contact Lookup by Client Number


1) Click on the Lookup arrow to the right of your Lookup field.  2) On the Lookup screen, click on the Properties icon (right of Cancel).  3) Check Client No, and check the box “Use this next time” if you wish to save this setting.


Ideas for using this feature


Contact Lookups for Org Name records with multiple locations have been difficult to identify in the Lookup screen.  For example, you may have “State Farm Insurance Company” in the Ref Name and Firm fields in multiple records.  By adding the Address and City fields to your view, you can now identify which record you are selecting.


The Client No field has the same ability as the Matter No field to give you a unique identifier where names may be identical or similar.  Setting your Contact Lookups to sort by Client No allows you a positive identification in your Lookup.


Create a user friendly Lookup for your Matters by adding fields that help further identify your record.  You can now add your own user fields such as Status, Open Date Type, etc., to your view.


Tip - Save Filter can be set to give you a specific list from which to select.  Example:  Your Matter record has a Court Lookup field to Contacts.  To limit your search to Courts in the Lookup screen, set the Lookup filter to CRT.


Richard B. Marx MME Consulting Services, LLC Lexis Nexis Time Matters Certified Independent Consultant (CIC) Moderator Phoenix, AZ 602-667-5706

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