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Unapplied/Unallocated Payments

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Lisa Elliot Posted: Wed, Oct 27 2010 1:26 PM

I have a couple of clients that for some reason have ended up with amounts that show up on accounts receivable reports as outstanding balances, but the client ledger shows the correct balance of zero. Two of them date back to when I began inputting opening balances when we began the system in 2008. I did it incorrectly for the first two clients, then figured out how to do it properly. I tried several different things such as billing, reversing the bill, etc., et.c, which only succeeded in making a mess. Now every month, these two clients show a balance (one is only $12.29, but the other is over $3,000) on the accounts receivable report when they don't owe us anything. The amounts also show up in the invoices grid when I do a receive payment. At first, I was just applying the payments automatically so it would leave a bit of the most recent invoice looking like it was owing. Is there any way I can get rid of these amounts? Of course, the months are long since closed so I don't want to start opening them up to reallocate the payments. I am using PC Law Pro 10.03a. Thank you.

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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