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Refunding Paid Fees

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Cheryl Diehl Posted: Mon, Dec 5 2011 11:42 AM

How do I refund fees to a client for an invoice that was paid and is in a closed month?

Currently running v11.0 SP1

Cheryl Diehl Kropf, Wagner, Lutz, & VanSickle PCLawPro V8.20c Acct Method: Cash
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Follow the following steps in the current open month:

  1. Do a Negative Receive Payment for the refund. This will reinstate the A/R.
  2. Do a General Retainer Receipt. This will cancel out entry 1 above on the General Bank Journal and will also create a Gen Rtnr Balance on the matter.
  3. Prepare a Credit Note and use it to perform a Write Down on the A/R.
  4. Write a cheque for the refund from General Bank A/c.
  5. At this stage you will have an Unb Disbs balance and Gen Rtnr balance for the same amount on the matter.
  6. Raise a Bill to clear the Unb Disbs against the Gen Rtnr.
Hassan Maje Anjarwalla & Khanna PCLawPro Ver 9.10d, Accounting Method: Accruals
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I have the same situation here. I have been asked to do a refund of both fees and disbursements (and corresponding taxes) on a matter that has been paid. I don't understand no. 3 in the list "prepare a credit note." How do I do this?  Running v. 10.0 SP5 HF3

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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