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Marketing by Making Connections Online

Sep 10, 2012 02:14 PM by
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine
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Marketing online is a conversation — not a one-way speech — according to lawyer, legal industry analyst and author Ari Kaplan. As he describes in the video, accepting a connection from another person is only the beginning.

Most lawyers overlook the important marketing step that occurs right after you connect with another person.

Lawyers from across New Jersey and New York came to a recent LexisNexis® LEXPO networking and marketing event to hear Ari Kaplan explain how to generate new business with social media — particularly LinkedIn. Ari is the author of the new book Reinventing Professional Services:  Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace.

After you connect, Ari recommends that you send a personalized reply message.  "You can say 'how are things?' Say whatever you want. What does that do? That starts a conversation," Kaplan said. And therein lies the marketing magic.

Look for the next video from Ari Kaplan later this week. Topic: LinkedIn Groups. Follow Larry Bodine on Twitter: @Larrybodine

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