Lexis+ AI™ Faculty Resources

What is Lexis+ AI?

Lexis+ AI Assistant is a comprehensive AI tool, grounded in our trusted, authoritative content with links to hallucination-free legal citations covering two common legal tasks including asking a legal question and document drafting. In addition, Lexis+ AI is underpinned by secure, leading generative AI models and human experts continuously training our models for enhanced responses.

Law faculty and students continue to have access to Lexis+ Research, Practical Guidance and other products and tools that are part of the law school subscription. Like other research tools, Lexis+ AI is an efficient starting point. Users can conversationally interact with the tool, iterate, analyze, and refine.

How to Access?

Sign into Lexis+, click on the Product Switcher in the top left & select Lexis+ AI.

Teaching Tools and Resources

Lexis+ AI Law School Integration Guide

Lexis+ AI Exercises, authored by LR&W Professors are available in the Legal Research Exercise Bank. 

Lexis Learn module on Lexis+ AI provides an overview of the Ask a Legal Question and Generate a Draft functions including prompting guidance.


Find guides for effective prompting, top FAQs, security and privacy, use cases, and more here.

Video Links:

Complex Legal Issue

Current Law

Legal Memo

Cease & Desist Email

Client Email

Search Prompt Fundamentals

Drafting Prompt Fundamentals

Advanced Drafting Prompts

Summarize Search Prompts

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your law school's LexisNexis Representative.