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Optimize Your Law Firm's Website for Mobile or Keep Losing Clients

Nov 21, 2012 10:52 AM by
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller
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Mobile ImpressionsHave you ever tried to navigate a website with your mobile phone or pad, when that site was NOT optimized for mobile devices?

The text is too small and the images are too large. There is way too much content and that material is basically unreadable. Pictures are not sized or placed properly. If you can even find the scroll bar or tabs, you have to keep swiping. And forget about trying to find any contact info.    

In short, the website looks and feels terrible.

If you are a consumer in urgent need of legal information or actually need to find an attorney, you're moving on to another firm's site.

Avalanche of Mobile Statistics

If your firm needs to attract consumers to grow your practice, and your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will lose clients. The data is overwhelming.

  • 57 percent of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40 percent of consumers will visit a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience. (Source: Compuware, 2012)
  • U.S. Internet traffic accessed via mobile devices increased 430 percent in year-to-year growth. (Source: Kontera, September 2012)
  • Mobile devices represented just 3 percent of U.S. Internet traffic in January 2011. By January 2012, that number increased to 16 percent. Last July, it reached 22 percent. By January 2013, adtech company Kontera predicts the number will hit 27 percent. (Source: Kontera, September 2012)
  • By 2014, mobile Internet is predicted to overtake Internet desktop usage. (Source: Microsoft Tag, 2012)

Can You Hear Me Now?

If you're a small law firm or sole practitioner, nearly 30 percent of prospective clients are accessing (or more likely trying to access) your website on a mobile device right now.

But if your website is difficult to navigate with a mobile browser, especially for someone with a smartphone who types with his thumbs, you are sacrificing business.

So the questions is: How many more potential clients do you have to lose?

To learn more about what you can do with mobile optimization strategies, contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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