LexisNexis MedMal Navigator®

The interactive tool that integrates medical and legal research with your case facts.

Formulate a winning medical malpractice case strategy with critical information that comes from combining your case facts with relevant medical and legal research content—all in one interactive tool.

How does MedMal Navigator® enable you to develop a winning case strategy?

Access on-point medical research. Search relevant medical content and put the medical, legal and jurisdictional issues specific to your case into perspective.

Understand the medical issues. Assess the merits of a case by determining if and where a deviation in the standard of care may have occurred.

Be fully-equipped to determine your course of action. Compare similar verdicts and settlements, assess case value, and find the right expert for your case (by medical condition and jurisdiction).

Get highly relevant research results. Interactive Q & A technology helps you quickly examine the specific facts and issues of your case.

  • All-in-One Interactive Dashboard
    MedMal Navigator is the only medical malpractice research tool that offers an interactive dashboard consisting of combined medical and legal content, standard of care analysis, case assessment, verdicts and settlements, and a directory of experts (by disease, condition and jurisdiction)- all in one place.
  • Access Medical Research from One Source
    Access premier medical information that doctors use, including access to over 700 medical topics from Elsevier®, the world’s leading provider of science and health information—available only to hospitals until now. Also access thousands of medical definitions, guides, journals, abstracts and medical images.
  • Standard of Care Analysis
    Built-in standard of care analysis matches the facts of your case to medical guidelines. Standard of care content was created by doctors exclusively for the MedMal Navigator® tool.
  • Interactive Q & A Technology
    MedMal Navigator is the only legal research tool that delivers highly sophisticated interactive Q & A technology that provides answers matched to the specific facts of your medical malpractice case.
  • Case Value Assessment
    MedMal Navigator tool allows you to compare similar verdicts and settlements and ascertain case value—ensuring you are fully equipped to determine your course of action.
  • Find and Research the Right Expert
    Find and research the right experts and their history including past behaviors (by medical condition, and jurisdiction).
  • Develop Your Case Strategy with Confidence
    Formulate a winning case strategy and draw critical information from one single tool that combines your case facts with medical and legal research content.
  • Understand the Medicine
    Understand your case’s medical issues and terminology with access to on-point medical information including authoritative medical publications and content used by health care professionals.
  • Analyze Potential Deviations from Standard of Care
    Assess the merits of your case by determining if and where a deviation in the standard of care may have occurred – to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a case without relying on costly medical experts
  • Obtain Specific Results Matched to the Facts of Your Case
    The MedMal Navigator Research Assistant interactive questions and answers were developed by doctors, nurse practitioners and attorney-editors, and help you quickly examine the specific facts and issues of your case via an intuitive dashboard.
  • Determine the Best Course of Action
    Evaluate the risk to defend or prosecute a case; and estimate the value of proceeding or settling your case with case value assessments that matches your case to comparable verdicts and settlements—ensuring you are fully equipped to determine your course of action.
  • Research the Right Expert and Related Parties
    Find and research the right expert and their history (by disease, condition and jurisdiction). Run a profile report to better understand their history and case involvement – ensuring you are fully prepared.
  • Eliminate Hours of Research
    Save hours of time-consuming research with an all-in-one medical malpractice litigation tool that matches your case circumstances to medical and legal content. Avoid doing time consuming research from many disparate sources.

Keep Up with Evolving Standards of Care While Reducing Expert Witness Expenses

This Webinar Recording illustrates how you can use LexisNexis® MedMal Navigator℠ to:

  • Identify potential breaches in the standard of care before talking to an expert
  • Access comprehensive & authoritative medical research relevant to your case
  • Become well-versed in the key medical issues prior to consulting with an expert
  • Get highly targeted medical articles that address standards of care for your medical topic
  • Receive notifications when relevant, new publications or scientific content is available with alerts

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Evidence Management Webinar: Bringing It All Together

  • This fast-paced web presentation webinar demonstrates how you can bring all of your information together quickly and easily. The vital information you use to build your case takes a variety of forms and can come from countless sources – facts, issues, depositions, charts, expert testimony, timelines, medical records and more. Watch now

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