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January 2014

AHLA Fraud and Investigations Handbook for the Healthcare Industry, First Edition with CD-ROM: This new Handbook will arm health care administrators, executives, medical directors, office managers, physicians, and medical practice managers with a broad understanding of this industry-specific area of government enforcement. The authors detail the nuts and bolts of a fraud and abuse investigation, from an overview of the various federal and state enforcement agencies to settling a case.

October 2013

Colorado Marijuana Laws and Regulations: In 2012, the Colorado electorate approved a constitutional amendment legalizing retail marijuana. This presented an opportunity to expand the content in our existing CO medical marijuana publication. The 2013 edition, renamed Colorado Marijuana Laws and Regulations, adds the constitutional amendment and all new laws and regulations related to retail marijuana, while retaining all of the medical marijuana content from the prior edition. Produced in cooperation with the CO Department of Revenue and the CO Department of Public Health and Environment, Marijuana Laws offers users a comprehensive guide to this new and growing area of Colorado law.

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April 2014

March 2014

  • Bender's Federal Practice Forms: Release 146
  • Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry: Release 26
  • Moore's Federal Practice: Release 181 - In this release, Chapter 122 (Abstention Doctrines) has been updated in its entirety; all amendments to the Circuit Court Rules have been incorporated, Volume 29 (Admiralty) has been updated, including an entire revision of Ch. 117 (Asset Forfeiture Actions), and Chapter 808 (Conflicts of Interest), of the Attorney Conduct Volume, has been completely revised.
  • New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition: Release 10B
  • Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly: Release 57 - Includes the latest rulings, regulations, and cases. Annual figures, inflation-adjusted numbers, and program limits have been updated. Includes discussion of the implementation of the DOMA invalidation among federal agencies.
  • Weinstein's Federal Evidence: Release 109 - Updated with recent decisions on various topics of evidence law. Highlights include discusson of the amendment to Federal Rule of Evidence 803(10) and amendemnts to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules 45 and 37.
  • California Forms of Pleading & Practice Annotated: Release 201
  • Dorsaneo, Texas Litigation Guide: Release 112 - Includes a complete revision of hte probate and guardianship chapters (Chs. 390-411), as well as significant updates and revisions to chapters on discovery, jury selection, and medical malpractice. The release also contains a completely revised subject matter index.
  • New York Civil Practice: CPLR (Weinstein, Korn & Miller): Release 151 - Includes completely revised Ch. 308, Personal Service upon a Natural Person, and analysis of key issues of interest to New York civil practitioners.

February 2014

  • Attorney's Textbook of Medicine: Release 164 - This release updates Appendix A with new summaries of verdicts and settlements, expanding it to new topics and additional jurisdictions.
  • Banking Law Manual: Release 36 - This supplement cointains a new, fully updated Chapter 12, on the federal supervision of baking organizations. The chapter contains extended discussion of the new provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
  • Commercial Damages: A Guide to Remedies in Business Litigation: Release 54
  • Debtor and Creditor Law: Release 92 - Contains updates and revisions to Chapters 21 (The Bank-Customer Relationship), 21A (Funds Transfers), and 24 (Secured Transactions) to provide the current status of debtor-creditor law, including developments in case and statutory law.
  • Labor & Employment Law: Release 154 - Features developments in case and statutory law, including cases affecting NLRA, FMLA, and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Valuation and Distribution of Marital Property: Release 56 - Relevant recent court decisions have been analyzed and coverage updated.

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The eBook Experience
The LexisNexis eBook experience requires two elements: the eBook file and a software program or e-reader device that can display the eBook file. First, you'll need to determine which device or e-reading application you would like to use to view your electronic publication. If you are a novice to eBooks, we recommend you try Kindle® reading apps (these provide superior functionality for desktop computers, as well as e-reader apps for major mobile devices) or Adobe® Digital Editions for desktop computers. 

Most LexisNexis eBooks are available in epub and mobi formats. Newsletter and bulletin publications are produced electronically in PDF format. The eBook format you choose will depend on the e-reader software you are using. For example, epub eBooks are compatible with Apple® products, while mobi eBooks are compatible with Kindle applications.

Once you have an e-reader application downloaded to your desktop or mobile device, you will be ready to access your LexisNexis eBook. Click here to download a sample LexisNexis eBook.

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Migration Efforts

In our changing legal environment, LexisNexis continually develops more efficient ways for you to access current and comprehensive information—creating research solutions that fit the way you work and live. To accomplish this, we routinely evaluate new formats that will best meet customer needs as the legal publishing industry evolves.

Over the next 18 months, LexisNexis plans to migrate select CD and newsletter titles exclusively to eBook format to improve timeliness and reduce our impact on the environment. CD technology has become out-of-date, and CD drives are no longer standard features on laptop computers. Newer technology offered by e-readers allows users to highlight, make notes, print and bookmark—enhancements that LexisNexis eBooks utilize to improve your research experience.

In instances where a single product is shipped on a CD, we feel eBook format provides a better option for customers. We do not have plans to migrate CD libraries, prison solutions and DVDs, or forms CDs to eBook format at this time.

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Matthew Bender® Online Retirement
Please click here for information regarding the retirement of or Matthew Bender Online. The retirement does not affect Matthew Bender content found in print, eBooks, and CDs, or Matthew Bender content found at®, Lexis Advance® or LexisNexis® Digital Library.

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