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LexisNexis offers countless legal sources and research tools to help you stay abreast of current topics and changes to the law that impact your practice. Our Print and Digital Publishing Solutions division works diligently to provide you superior, reliable content:

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July 2014

  • Massachusetts Reports: LexisNexis is the official publisher of the Supreme Judicial Court and Court of Appeal bound volumes and advance sheets starting with opinions released as of July 1, 2014. We are excited to introduce advance sheets in eBook format!
  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Torts & Personal Injury offers targeted practical guidance for the Washington Tort litigator to master the complexities of the Washington tort system, court rules, and case law that govern this important and evolving area of law.
  • Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Appeals and Writs: Authors Kira Klatchko and Benjamin Shatz round out the series of litigation practice guides with this new title. Secure your trial court victory on appeal, or reverse the judgment due to trial court errors, with this publication that analyzes appeals and writs from both points of view.

June 2014

  • Florida Standard Jury Instructions: Contract and Business Cases: Contains the "how to write instructions" appendix section of the Florida Supreme Court Committee's Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases, Sections 100, 200, 300, 600, 700, and 800 of those instructions, as well as Sections 400 and 500 that focus specifically on contract and business instructions.
  • Immigration Law & Procedure: USCIS Policy Manual and Adjudicator's Field Manual: Includes the complete text of the USCIS Policy Manual and the USCIS Adjudicator's Field Manual, internal agency operating information indispensable when representing clients seeking benefits from U.S. citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: Massachusetts Alternative Dispute Resolution: Topically organized, and containing over 40 task-oriented checklists and over 150 practice tips, this portable, task-oriented guide to the technical and legal aspects of alternative dispute resolution in Massachusetts provides succinct, easily accessible, comprehensive, authoritative analysis and solutions.
  • NITA Casefile: Yount v. Molitor: Tests the student's advocacy and non-medical expert witness examination skills through this full trial, which includes two fact witnesses per side, expert witnesses in stock valuation, and electronic evidence in the form of email, texts, and Facebook posts on online "microsites." Available in a Faculty Edition, Defendant's Edition and Plaintiff's Edition
  • The Prosecution & Defense of Public Corruption: Provides a thorough legal analysis of the disparate areas of the law that can be used to prosecute public officials at all levels of government.

May 2014

  • Mealey's Fracking Report: Covers all litigation arising from hydraulic fracturing extraction of oil and natural gas. Includes land rights, land use restrictions, zoning and regulations, mineral rights, jurisdictional disputes and environmental concerns.
  • Mealey's Affordable Care Act Report: Follows federal and state court litigation involving the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including challenges to the law and its implementation. The Report also covers federal and state regulatory and legislative developments, as well as guidance and rulings by administrative agencies tasked with implementing the ACA.
  • Social Media and Insurance: The Insider's Guide to Successful Risk Assessment and Management: Provides unique and indispensable guidance to all in the insurance industry, other businesses and their counsel in identifying and understanding the risks they face by using social media in the business world and mitigating those risks through a compilation of "best practices" by industry experts and rulings by courts and regulatory authorities. Addressing everything from the implications of data mining to the risks raised by the use of social media in the workplace, it also explains how insurers, agents, brokers, and others can use social media to market their products and services. It features analyses of pertinent policies, statutes and cases.
  • The South-Central Employer (Littler Mendelson): A practical, extensive guide to employment and labor laws in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee.
  • The South Atlantic Employer (Littler Mendelson):  A practical, extensive guide to employment and labor laws in the following states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • U.S. Money Laundering: A comprehensive desk reference for White Collar practitioners, banking lawyers, accountants, and officers and directors of financial institutions or other regulated institutions that face the risk of money laundering.

April 2014

  • NITA Casefiles: Evans v. Washingtonia State University: Refines the student's advocacy and examination skills through this full trial - which includes depositions and electronic evidence in the form of e-mails, text messages, a video clip, and online posts on interactive "microsites" - and focusese on storytelling as it relates to presenting factual information to judges and juries.

March 2014

  • Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions—Civil: Required by the Supreme Court of Illinois, this resource outlines the elements of what needs to be proven in a case and provides jurors with a legal road map to determine liability or guilt. LexisNexis is now the official publisher of the Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions.
  • Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions—Criminal: Provides uniformity in the elements to be proved at trial. Drafted by the Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions on Criminal Cases, this publication is required by the Supreme Court of Illinois. LexisNexis is now the official publisher of the Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions.
  • AHLA HIPAA/HITECH Resource Guide, First Edition: With expert editorial oversight and authorship, this new title provides the latest guidance for understanding all aspects of the protection of patients’ personal information. The changes, which culminated with last years’ HIPAA Omnibus Rule, affect individuals, health systems, business associates, and many others.
  • BRBS Longshore Reporter eBook: A highly valued mainstay of our workers’ compensation portfolio, the Benefits Review Board Service Longshore Reporter is now available in eBook format. The full archive of cases from 1974 to present has been migrated to eBook. The BRBS includes published Benefits Review Board decisions, selected federal court opinions, administrative law judge decisions, and a number of other longshore materials. The eBook spans 50 volumes and is updated quarterly.
  • The Final Volcker Rule eBook: The Volcker Rule refers to provisions within the Dodd–Frank Act that restrict certain investment activities of banking entities. Recently adopted final regulations require full conformance with the Volcker Rule by July 21, 2015. Written in an easy-to-understand Q and A format, this eBook provides analysis of the complex provisions of the Volcker Rule and their implications for affected institutions. Authors Satish M. Kini, Paul L. Lee and Gregory J. Lyons of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, answer key questions to help legal, audit, compliance and business line personnel involved in trading and private-funds investment activities prepare to implement the rule and achieve compliance.
  • Patent Law for Scientists and Engineers: Provides a substantive introduction to patent law for engineers, scientists, and decision makers involved inthe patenting process. The book explains the underlying motivations and policies of the patent right, the importance of the patent right in industry, and the conceptual framework of the modern United States patent system.
  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: Massachusetts Civil Trial Practice: A source of in-depth practical guidance on conducting civil trials in Massachusetts. Provides checklists, practice tips and abundant cross-references to forms.

February 2014

  • The Legal and Regulatory Landscape of Hydraulic Fracturing: Provides an overview of major fracking topics from a legal and regulatory perspective. It includes a history of the fracking process; environmental issues and concerns; and overview of federal- and state- and municipal-level regulations; a survey of current litigation; and questions for oil companies and landowners to consider.
  • China International Institute of Antitrust and Investment, First Annual Antitrust Symposium, 2013: The emphasis of this important work is on Chinese antitrust law and, specifically, what companies doing business in China need to know about the law and its enforcement, both present and future. This work is filled with valuable information and insights as PRC companies increase their market penetration and investment in the West.

January 2014

  • AHLA Fraud and Abuse Investigations Handbook for the Healthcare Industry, First Edition with CD-ROM: This new Handbook will arm health care administrators, executives, medical directors, office managers, physicians, and medical practice managers with a broad understanding of this industry-specific area of government enforcement. The authors detail the nuts and bolts of a fraud and abuse investigation, from an overview of the various federal and state enforcement agencies to settling a case.
  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: New Jersey Collateral Consequences: Offers concise explanations of collateral consequences flowing from specific New Jersey criminal convictions, general classes of offensees and general types of offenses, as well as unique practice strategies, checklists, and appendicies to ensure that the practitioner identifies and addressess all the collateral consequences related to each crime.
  • Managing Complex IP Litigation: David (Dave) Dolkas, a partner at McDermott, Will & Emery in Silicon Valley, sets forth the methodologies, processes, and protocols that he has developed over 30 years as a litigator, including 15 years as a trial attorney on complex IP and patent infringement cases.



August 2014

  • Alabama Rules Annotated, 2014 Edition - The only annotated rules set where you can find complete case annotations and extensive research references. This three-volume set is issued annually and supplemented mid-year.
  • University of Southern California 66th Annual Insitute on Federal Taxation (2014)- The latest federal and California tax planning strategies in complete, practice-oriented articles written by the experts.
  • Arkansas Court Rules, 2014 Edition - In a convenient, two-volume set, get all the rules approved by the Arkansas Supreme Court, complete with case annotations, law reviews, and much more.
  • CSC® Pennsylvania Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated, 2014 Edition- This fully annotated deskbook book helps you to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently, and better advise your clients.
  • Guide to International Legal Research, 2014 Edition - The Guide to International Legal Research is an authoritative and comprehensive reference tool for law students and practitioners. Authored annually by The George Washington International Law Review, the Guide is designed to assist both novices and professionals with their international legal research.
  • Veterans Benefits Manual, 2014 Edition - This exhaustive manual is an indispensable guide for advocates who help veterans and their families obtain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. User-friendly, well-indexed, and packed with practical information, it includes sample forms and briefs, flowcharts, checklists, citations to legal authorities, and other documents designed to streamline the claims process and save you and your veteran client valuable time.
  • What's It Worth? A Guide to Current Personal Injury Awards and Settlements, 2014 Edition- This reference guide provides summary coverage of personal injury damage awards for the most popular jurisdictions in the U.S. for the past 3 years.
  • Drugs in Litigation, 2014 Edition - This publication summarizes hundreds of trial and appellate decisions involving drugs and medicines. It lists drug names alphabetically and cross-indexes them for generic and brand-name identification.
  • Creditors' and Debtors' Practice in Florida, Fifth Edition - This manual explores the intricacies of debt collection in Florida for both secured and unsecured claims. Prejudgment and postjudgment procedures are described, as well as issues of exemptions, immunity, bankruptcy, fraudulent transfers, and discovery in aid of execution.
  • Anderson's Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio- Anderson's Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio is a complete step-by-step guide to handling an appeal and provides information on how to correctly file, prosecute, and defend appeals.

July 2014

  • 48th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning with Index- Provides cutting-edge articles based on the podium lectures delivered at the Hecklering Institute. Hot topics for this year's institute include: Annual Review of Estate Planning Developments, Income Tax Planning, 3.8% Surtax on Trusts and Estates, Fixing Estate Planning Documents.
  • Virginia Civil Procedure, 6th Edition- Covers all the rules for every level of the Virginia court system. The Sixth Edition epxands the scope and depth of coverage on a number of issues reflecting a braod range of statutory and case law developments.
  • New York Confessions, 2014 Edition- Written for both New York lawyers and judges, New York Confessions offers complete coverage of admissiblity and exclusion of a defendant's statements under New York law.
  • Idaho Civil Rules, 2014 Pocket Edition - Contains the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence in a convenient, pocket-sized volume. Published in cooperation with the Idaho Trial Lawyers Assocication.
  • Idaho Criminal Rules, 2014 Pocket Edition- Contains the Idaho Criminal, Misdemeanor, Infraction, Juvenile Rules and Rules of Evidence in a convenient, pocket-sized volume. Published in coopration with the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association.
  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: Pennyslvania Civil Discovery, 2014 Edition- The source for in-depth practical guidance on Pennsylvania law and procedure with step-by-step guidance essentail to effectively managing each each step of the discovery process in a civil lawsuit.
  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: New Jersey Trial, Post-Trial, Appellate Proceedings, 2014 Edition- Covers most issues that arise during drial and post-trial proceedings, and includes more than 150 practice tips and 50 checklists.

June 2014

  • California Courtroom Evidence 2014 Edition- Cotchett, California Courtroom Evidence includes the complete California Evidence Code, legislative history on each code section, Law Revision Commission comments on most sections, relevant, insightful case annotations, and practical pointers from Joseph W. Cotchett, highly regarded California trial lawyer and expert on evidentiary matters.
  • Wyoming Court Rules, 2014 Edition- The most comprehensive rules volume available in Wyoming, the Wyoming Court Rules Annotated volume contains 33 sets of rules of practice and procedure followed by the state and federal courts in Wyoming. The federal and state rules contained in the volume have been updated to include amendments and case annotations, court commentary, and related forms received by the publisher.
  • Tennessee Court Rules 2014 Edition- The official Tennessee Court Rules Annotated is a two-volume soft bound set that is replaced annually each spring, and supplemented each fall. The volumes include the most-used state and local rules and are designed for convenient use.
  • CSC® Massachusetts Laws Governing Business Entities 2014 Edition- This annotated collection allows you to easily access critical business entity law. You'll find statutes and forms that you need to transact business in Massachusetts.
  • Ohlbaum on the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence 2014-2015 Edition- Provides quick answers to evidence questions, and contains the rules of evidence with case notes and commentary. Ohlbaum on the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence includes many convenient features ideal for courtroom application.
  • North Carolina Evidence Courtroom Manual, 2014 Edition- Written by Walker Blakey and Glen Weissenberger, two widely respected evidence scholars, North Carolina Evidence Courtroom Manual provides quick, authoritative answers to evidence questions arising in the course of trials and hearings.
  • California Evidence Courtroom Manual, 2014 Edition- Offers attorneys and judges alike many trial-tested features that not only provide fast, accurate answers to evidentiary questions but also guide the user to the underlying authorities and secondary sources for further research.
  • Tennessee Evidence Courtroom Manual, 2014 Edition- Offers many trial-tested features that not only provide fast, accurate information for evidentiary questions, but also guide the user to the underlying authorities and secondary sources.

2014 New Edition Archive

2013 New Edition Archive

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August 2014

July 2014

  • Corporate & Commercial Practice in the Delaware Court of Chancery: Release 15- Your resource for commercial practice when your clients are incorporated under Delaware law. Profit from the singualr insight and firsthand experience of two of the court's leading practitioners: Donald J. Wolfe, Jr. and Michael A. Pittenger.
  • LexisNexis Automated Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI) CD:Release 24 - Research, draft, and assemble your jury instructions easily and effectively. LexisNexis is proud to be the Official Publisher of the Judicial Council of California jury instructions.
  • Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide: Release 96L- Written by over 40 prominent bankruptcy attorneys, this work is an authoritative strategic and procedural guidebook that combines legal analysis with practical procedural and strategic advice, practice aids such as checklists and forms, and the relevant rules and primary source material of all the local bankruptcy courts in a single all-inclusive guide.
  • Police Civil Liability:Release 59 - A comprehensive guide to the personal injury and civil rights aspects of police misconduct with extensive forms.
  • American Law of Mining, Second Edition: Release 50- This in-depth treatment of all aspects of mining law, including federal lands and mineral leases, mining claims, ancillary use and water rights, and more.
  • Federal Income Taxation of Life Insurance Companies: Release 33- Provides comprehensive analysis of the special tax provisions that apply to life insurance companies
  • Larson on Employment Discriminaton:Release 97 - Get all cases, statutes and regulations concerning employment discrimination, complete with in-depth analysis and coverage of new developments in the law. Speed your research with included case digests at the end of each chapter, keyed to the text and footnotes, and organized by jurisdiction, principle of the law and case holding.
  • Florida Corporations Manual: Release 43- The authoritative form book for handling Florida corporations issues.  It makes it easy to initiate, maintain, modify, or dissolve the corporate structure, and it arms you with the required procedures and details for Chapter 607, 617, and 620 proceedings.
  • Military Criminal Justice: Practice and Procedure, Eighth Edition:Release 2014S - This definitive one-volume work is a user-friendly guide through the unique procedural and substantive rules governing military criminal justice practice.
  • New Appleman Law of Liability Insurance: Release 106- Get fast, reliable information on questions of coverage, conditions and exclusions of liablity insurance. This release offers updates to Chapter 31 (Notice of Accident, Claim or Suit) and Chapter 38 (Misrepresentations).

June 2014

  • Corbin on Contracts:Releases 14S1 and 14R1- Hailed as "the greatest law book ever written," Corbin on Contracts is one of the most cited and influential treatises in print. Providing an exhaustive analysis of all the rules of contract law, including all exceptions and variations, Corbin on Contracts can help you prevent disputes and keep your clients out of court.
  • Dunnell Minnesota Digest:Release 14CS - Dunnell is an encyclopedia of Minnesota law providing a one-stop, comprehensive synthesis of more than 350 subject areas drawing upon Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals cases, statutes, and rules since 1910.
  • Federal Rules of Evidence Manual:Release 2014S1 - Cited widely by courts and consulted regularly by thousands of attorneys across the nation, the Federal Rules of Evidence Manual is the most concise and authoritative reference interpreting the Federal Rules.
  • Collier on Bankruptcy:Release 130 -The preeminent bankruptcy law treatise provides authoritative analysis of all provisions of the Bankruptcy Code (title 11 U.S.C.) and the Bankruptcy Rules, with a comprehensive collection of commercial and consumer bankruptcy forms. The one resource every bankruptcy practitioner needs.
  • Manual of Federal Practice:Release 2014S1 - The manual offers extensive and current coverage of substantive and procedural law. Citations to thousands of cases, rules, and statutes give quick access to the latest laws governing federal civil practice.
  • Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis: Release 189- Current Legal Forms provides a wealth of sample forms, drafting guidance and expert legal commentary to assist in the fundamental, and often time-consuming, task of document drafting. Release 189 includes a completely revised Chapter 19, Corporate Securities.
  • Texas Law of Oil and Gas: Release 16- The only book of its kind devoted exclusively to Texas oil and gas law; combines the text of relevant laws, regulations, and rulings with expert commentary.
  • California Mechanics' Lien Law and Construction Industry Practice:Release 18 - A comprehensive two-volume practice tool that covers the entire lien process. From stop notices and payment bonds to remedies on the contractor's license bond, plus in-depth treatment of the basic law and procedure relating to works of improvement, it treats California mechanics' liens in a clear step-by-step manner.
  • Kentucky Instructions to Juries, 5th Edition:Release 9 - Kentucky Instructions to Juries provides examples of criminal and civil instructions that are uniform, concise and specific. You'll save time and practice confidently with convenient and authoritative instructions. The Civil volume has several updated chapters, including those on Lawyer Malpractice, Medical Mal Practice, Owners and Occupiers of Real Estate, and Damages. Chapters updated in the Criminal Volume include Assaults and Restrains of Persons, Offenses Related to Sex and Pornography, and Robbery, Theft and Related Offenses.
  • Rassp & Herlick, California Workers' Compensation Law, 7th Edition: Release 14- Referred to as the "leading treatise" by the state's appellate courts, the two-volume Rassp & Herlick, California Workers' Compensation law, Seventh Edition, offers the most detailed analysis available of the full range of workers' compensation issues in California.

2014 New Releases Archive

2013 New Releases Archive

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