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What is a results list?

  1. Your search results may be presented in one of the following ways:

    • For searches that retrieve multiple documents, your results display as a tabbed list of documents, with an at-a- glance view of your results on the Snapshot tab, and each of the other content types you selected under its own tab. The Snapshot tab displays first (left to right), with the results for the content type you selected as your Start- in type displayed immediately to the right (you can make the Snapshot tab your Start-in content type if you wish). View the results for any content type by clicking its tab.

      The initial characters of your search appear as the label of the tab right below the search box (above the content type tabs), so that as you continue your research and open other tabs, you can return to your results by clicking the tab.
    • If you retrieved an individual document by entering its citation in the search box, your results consist of a single document. If the document is included your subscription, it opens automatically. If it is outside your subscription, the document title displays by itself on a results tab, and you'll have the option of accessing it for a fee.


    • Multiple documents retrieved by a single citation (such as table cases) display as a list of documents on a results tab.
    • Occasionally, a very large document or one that contains an unusual number of embedded links doesn't open immediately, but also displays on a tab by itself.


    • If you enter multiple citations in the search box, your results display as a list of documents on a results tab.
    • If you used the Search for (citation) option in About this Document to retrieve all documents referencing a specific citation, the documents will be displayed as a list on the results tab, regardless of any specific content type, jurisdiction, practice area, or "Start in" selections you made before your search.

    You can use the Narrow by... pane on the left to narrow your results by entering search terms in the Search within results filter, or by several specific criteria, such as jurisdiction, court, time frame, and so on, depending on what kind of search you ran and what types of content your results contain.

    You can also use the search form at the top of the page to change your search terms, or change the content types, jurisdictions, or topics you want to search and run the search again.

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