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Here are the newest Lexis Advance® enhancements requested by customers like you.

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Easier Results Review

Have you seen it yet? Visualize your case-law research like never before

There’s nothing else like Lexis Advance® Search Term Maps, a patent-pending innovation to help you assess case relevance at unprecedented speed. Unique color coding for your search terms and phrases lets you spot dense concentrations and patterns of terms throughout case documents right away, even before you review the full text.

Search Term Location Bar

Each search term or phrase receives a unique color code and displays on the Search Term Location Bar.

More enhancements to streamline your results review

Resume your research directly from a delivered results list.

  • The cover page of your delivered document contains your search query, linked to the search itself. Click it to re-run your search.
  • Click any linked document in your delivered results list to go right into the full-text document.

Streamline your delivered news and legal news documents. To exclude the CLASSIFICATION segment and indexing terms from your delivery, select the Exclude option on the Lexis Advance delivery screen.

Better view and manage selected documents for delivery. Use the new Clear All option in the red delivery tray box to reset the document counter.

Lexis Advance Delivery Tray Box

More Search Power

Find relevant law more easily

Retrieve a search from your History, Work Folders, etc., and the pre-search filters you used with the search will be applied to the retrieved search.

Discover more search command equivalents and updates to search command processing. (Learn more details on searching with special commands and connectors in this How-to PDF.) Lexis Advance now:

  • Processes proximity connectors W/n, /n, near/n, +n from the smallest to the largest. For example, in the search bankrupt! W/15 discharg! AND student W/5 loan, Lexis Advance operates on student W/5 loan before bankrupt! W/15 discharg!
  • Processes the letter “a” as a search term, e.g., when you enter citations
  • Finds hyphenated search terms in results with and without the hyphen—for example, African-American and African American both yield results with both spellings

Search segments more easily. Use the LENGTH segment, e.g., ENTER: length>500, in law review, legal news and news sources. And now Lexis Advance recognizes singular and plural segment names equivalently, so judges (smith OR jones) and judge (smith OR jones) return identical results.

Enter a party name search, e.g., Strickland, and your results will now include the short (Strickland v. Washington) and long (Strickland, Superintendent, Florida State Prison, et al. v. Washington) case names automatically.

Added Document Flexibility

Increase efficiency with more convenient viewing and navigation

Lexis Advance now displays the official and parallel reporter pagination simultaneously in full-text cases. Locate passages and determine pinpoint cites for any reporter easily.

Now when you select a judge or attorney entity link, i.e., a hyperlinked name in your document, you can set an alert for that judge or attorney as well as search for more information.

Access specific archived code sections faster. Choose a specific archived code from a list displayed in the right document margin.

More Must-Have Content

Access more LexisNexis® CourtLink® docket documents

Now tap an additional 10 million CourtLink® documents from 240+ courts. You can zero in on all available docket content easily, front and center, from Explore Content—just click the dockets link to find valuable litigation intelligence.

Faster Start to Research

Count on speedier access to IP and top jurisdictional content

Lexis Advance users who have patent, copyright and trademark content included in their subscriptions will now see a new Intellectual Property link in Explore Content on the Lexis Advance home page. These users can access their intellectual property sources right from the link.

Go straight to more top sources for practice areas, industries and jurisdictions—now including Alabama and Kentucky. Here’s the latest list of Lexis Advance Practice Centers.

Practice Centers available as of September 2016 (Newest additions are in bold.)

Enhanced Integrated Tools

Discover more LexisNexis® Public Records facts and features

If you have access to LexisNexis Public Records resources at Lexis Advance, you’ll note:

  • Possible Education Data has been added to the LexisNexis SmartLinx® Comprehensive Person Report where available details about individuals’ post-secondary education will be included.
  • Delivered (e.g., email, download, print) SmartLinx® Comprehensive Reports now feature a table of contents, page numbers and active links to help you navigate.
  • Photos of criminals and sexual offenders now display in Criminal Record and Sexual Offender search results. (This photo display can be turned off.)
  • A link to search Dockets can be found at Lexis Advance on the LexisNexis Public Records main screen, on the lower left, under Additional Resources.

And now find a link to LexisNexis Public Records sources on the Lexis Advance home page via Explore Content. Select Public Records and move to your subscription sources; no additional sign in required.

Due to the nature of the origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors. Source data is sometimes reported or entered inaccurately, processed poorly or incorrectly, and is generally not free from defect. This product or service aggregates and reports data, as provided by the public records and commercially available data sources, and is not the source of the data, nor is it a comprehensive compilation of the data. Before relying on any data, it should be independently verified. For Secretary of State documents, the data is for information purposes only and is not an official record. Certified copies may be obtained from that individual state’s Department of State. The LexisNexis SmartLinx report will be provided within certain search and privacy parameters and is subject to LexisNexis General Terms and Conditions located at www.lexisnexis.com/terms/general.aspx. Other restrictions may apply.

New and updated Lexis Practice Advisor® practical guidance offerings

Now find a new Commercial Transactions practice area dedicated to a broad array of commercial and related topics including Supply of Goods and Services, Advertising and Marketing and e-commerce. Easily access guidance, forms and supporting documents to help you deliver expert counsel, draft documents and handle your transactions with greater efficiency and confidence.

The Business & Commercial practice area becomes General Practice. Based on feedback from Lexis Practice Advisor users like you, we renamed the offering to better reflect the scope of the topics covered and the practical guidance you’ll find.

Your Lexis Practice Advisor offerings are now available from the Lexis Advance home page. Select the Practical Guidance link in Explore Content and move to your subscription offerings. No additional sign in is required.

Better Access Where You Work

Now get more from the Apple® iPad® app

  • Support for LENGTH segment searching from the Red Search Box
  • LENGTH segment added to the Advanced Search Form (iPad® app)
  • Display all reporter paginations within a case document
  • Better Search within Results performance