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One Billion News Documents

Lexis Advance® keeps growing to meet your needs. It’s in our DNA.

It’s truly BIG NEWS: The Lexis Advance news collection keeps getting bigger and better—with daily additions—consistently providing you the breadth and depth of coverage you need to make confident decisions quickly. Plus now you can access all the Lexis Advance content in smarter, timesaving ways. Have a look at the latest enhancements:

Download a PDF version of these enhancements.

More Must-Have Content

Be confident you have comprehensive coverage for your topic. More than a number, one billion news documents means having news you won’t find elsewhere—all in one place—saving you time and effort. It means knowing you’re searching the deepest, most extensive collection of authoritative, must-have news available, enabling insightful decisions.

And we continue to add key content, including:

  • 50 new Table of Contents sources for you to browse and search
  • 48 new “back-of-the-book” indices from top publications you can browse or search

Speed results review by suppressing duplicate news stories. News Deduplication automatically suppresses multiple versions of the same or highly similar articles from your results list, for example, multiple newswire stories released at different times. You view the top document—and still have quick access to the similar documents. Choose the level of deduplication (from least to greatest) according to your needs:

  • Off (no deduplication)—the default setting; for when you want to see every result
  • High Similarity—suppress only those documents that closely resemble your “lead” document
  • Moderate Similarity—suppress more documents that resemble your lead document

The deduplication tool displays above your news results list so you can easily make your selection.

Click “View list of similar documents” to reveal and view suppressed documents.

Faster Start to Research

Practice Pages are now called Practice Centers. The name has changed, better reflecting the value Practice Centers can provide you. Each Practice Center brings you a broad and growing scope of editorially enhanced and curated resources—the go-to sources you count on and specialized LexisNexis® resources and tools for specific practice areas, jurisdictions—and now industries.

Find Practice Centers fast. When you navigate to a practice area’s or jurisdiction’s sources in Explore Content, discover Practice Center icons—and one-click access to the Practice Center. You can still use the Browse pull-down menu at the top of Lexis Advance screens to open Practice Centers. Select Browse then Practice Centers and By Practice Area or Industry or By Jurisdiction.

Introducing Industry Practice Centers! Just as with Practice Area and Jurisdiction Practice Centers, now you’ll find the best LexisNexis industry sources and tools in a single location to speed your research. The Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Center is now available. To find it, select the Practice Area/Industry tab on the Explore Content feature or select the Browse pull-down menu then Practice Centers then By Practice Area or Industry. More industry-focused Practice Centers are in development.

Move Home Page pods where you want them. Now you can rearrange your Lexis Advance Home Page screen, moving the pods to fit your research workflow and optimize your “real estate.” Want your Favorites on top? Just drag the Favorites pod and drop it there. Watch for this personalization on Practice Center screens soon!

More Search Power

The Alert functionality that currently notifies you about updated and new documents in legislative, regulatory and pending legislative sources will now be available to Alerts on Bill Tracking content. If you have Alerts currently for bill-tracking sources, you will automatically begin receiving Alerts when those documents are updated. (Before you only received Alerts on “new” bill-tracking material.) This enhancement will not impact your frequency setting (e.g., daily, weekly, etc.).

To set an Alert on a bill-tracking document, display the full-text document and click the Alerts bell icon, e.g.,:

Added Document Flexibility

Cite to codes in official formats. Save drafting time when copying text with a code cite. As with case law, highlight your copy, select Copy (Quick) and select from a variety of state format/styles as well as Standard and the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation. Once you select, the format “sticks” until you change it.