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Take advantage of these Lexis Advance® enhancements to help you find more relevant information more efficiently.

New Practice Pages Give You Quick Access to Top Sources

Now you can explore an expanded range of Lexis Advance Practice Pages, and it’s easy to make one of them your Lexis Advance home page.

More jurisdictions: We’ve just added new jurisdictional Practice Pages: Arizona, D.C. Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. They join California, Florida, New York and Texas.

Expanding practice areas: You have access to Practice Pages for Banking and Financial Services; Energy & Utilities Law; Healthcare Law; Labor & Employment Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law; Military Justice; Native American; and Real Property Law. More Practice Pages are coming soon.

Lexis Advance® Practice Pages bring together top sources for specific jurisdictions and practice areas: on-point statutes and case law, the most noted authorities and trusted industry news you can’t find anywhere else, plus exclusive tools to help you develop insights.

Easily find Lexis Advance Practice Pages:

  • In the black band at the top of your screen, look to the left and click the Browse pull-down menu
  • Click Practice Pages

Plus, it’s simple to set a specific Practice Page as your Lexis Advance home page.

From your Practice Page, go to the Actions pull-down menu and select Make this my research start page.

Archived Codes Search, available from the Lexis Advance home page, has been streamlined to make finding the content you need easier.

Find the archived codes you need even more quickly.

Find the archived codes you need even more quickly


Move to relevant courts in your results faster. When you view search results, you no longer need to consider filtering by both jurisdiction and courts. In Cases, as well as Briefs, Pleadings & Motions, Dockets and Verdicts & Settlements, choose Courts as a filter. In other content types, choose Jurisdiction or Geography (not shown in graphics).

Determine relevance from your Snapshot results view. The Snapshot view, Table Cases and About This Document lists now includes highlighted terms in context, an extract (best paragraph with the highest concentration of terms), and/or case overview, depending on the content type. Browse faster and zero in on results quickly. (Plus you can deliver or save documents from the Snapshot view too.)

Use Term Navigation, found in the header of a document in the Jump To pull-down menu, to easily navigate by clicking individual terms or the search string if it’s found in the document.

Retrieve future effective versions of statutes with the citation. Future effective amendments and appeals are connected to the current effective version of a statute or a code. Now, if you have the citation, you can enter it in the red search box, and locate the future effectives and updated section previews of the statute as well as the full text.

Visual enhancements and greater efficiency

In response to customer feedback, we’ve fine-tuned the Lexis Advance visual style in subtle ways. At the same time, we’ve added helpful features to save you effort.

Deliver documents more easily—your way. Print, download and email delivery options are now consolidated in one menu for quicker access. And now Lexis Advance delivers Microsoft® Word documents faster than ever.

Plus now you can deliver documents to Dropbox to share with your team. This functionality is widely available. If you do not see the Dropbox icon in your delivery options, check with your Lexis Advance account administrator or your LexisNexis® representative.

Plus you can print via the Web using a Microsoft® Internet Explorer® ,Google Chrome or Safari® browser.

Easily see which filters you have chosen. Now the red search box shows you the filters you selected—by name—to narrow your search results. Click once to see all filters. Click a filter to remove it.

In addition, when you go to the Narrow By filters on the left, it’s easier than ever to add federal district and circuit court filters.

See names of the filters you selected in the red search box. Click the down arrow to add or remove filters.

See names of the filters you selected in the red search box. Click the down arrow to add or remove filters


The familiar bell Alert icon is back. You’ll see the bell icon instead of the alarm clock icon at the top of many Lexis Advance screens.

The Search Within Results box now grows with each line of text you type—up to 1000 characters. Just click the bell icon to create an Alert that reruns your search and delivers results automatically at the frequency you request.


Search Within Results—and see your search string grow. Now as you enter search words in the Search Within Results box on your results screen, it grows with your search, i.e., you can display multiple lines of search text if needed.


Copy and paste text with the citation. It just got more efficient! Highlight the text you need and your Copy with Text box displays automatically. Then:

Copy (Quick) lets you select a style format once—and re-use without selecting again.

Copy (Advanced) opens a new window with added options, including style format choices, such as state style formats or Standard, which is The Bluebook® 20th Edition.

Keep your research documents handy with larger work folder capacity and flexibility. Now you can save up to 2,000 individual items per Lexis Advance work folder for reference and collaboration. We’ve also added a recycle bin so you can retrieve previously deleted items before the system deletes content that reaches its time limit. Recycle bin documents are held for 30 days and don’t count against your total.