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Search Lexis Advance® Your Way With The New Explore Content Feature

Now you can start your research even faster. The new Explore Content feature—located front and center on the Lexis Advance® home page—shows you available sources more quickly so you can choose, search and review results for just the sources you want.

  • Simply click through the source hierarchy to choose the source(s) you need. You can also search all the sources available on any page.
  • Or keep refining your selection by content type, jurisdiction or practice area. Even use Advanced Search forms to further target your search results.

You can still find sources or build group sources as you have in the past—all browsing and sourceselection features are still available. It’s your research; it’s your choice.

Here’s how Explore Content can work for you

The Explore Content pod on the Lexis Advance home page opens a realm of source-selection possibilities. Use the tabs to explore by Content Type, by Federal or State jurisdiction or by Practice Area:

Lexis Advance Explore Content Including Practice Areas

For example, to search California Workers' Compensation cases, you could go to the State tab and select California > All California Administrative Materials > California Compensation Cases. (You can also combine sources by clicking the Select sources to search button and selecting the checkboxes for multiple sources.)

Lexis Advance Explore Content Combine Sources

You can now search using an Advanced Search form for the content or source type. Your results will include only California Compensation cases.

Lexis Advance Explore Content Combine Sources

You’ll see the Red Search Box throughout the source-selection process so you can start a search anywherealong the path. Sources selected for your search display in in Red Search Box. It’s easy to keep track.

Change direction? No problem.

As you navigate to your source(s), Lexis Advance creates a breadcrumb trail you can use to skip to any page along your selection path. Just click to the spot where you want to return and start exploring anew. No need to go back to square one.

Lexis Advance Explore Content Navigate Sources

Save—and share—your path

Once you’ve selected your favorite source or combined group sources, you can save them for future searches. Just go to the Actions pull-down menu and click Link to this page to create a permalink you can copy. Then you can paste and bookmark the link in your browser for quick access back to the Advance Search form or a specific place in the Explore content hierarchy. You can also easily share the link with others.

Create Favorites and return to custom source groups

You can add any source or group source to your Favorites pod and return to your custom group of sources— in one step. Here are several ways:

After selecting sources, select the Favorites star.

Lexis Advance Explore Content Create Favorites

Or save after your search. Check the Favorites star from the results screen. Your Favorites will be available in the Favorites Pod on the Lexis Advance home page.

Lexis Advance Explore Content Check Favorites

Search your way—always

Explore Content is just one new way to start your search quickly.

If you prefer, you can always search—and find specific sources or build group sources—directly from the Red Search Box and the expandable filters on the home page.

Lexis Advance Explore Content Search Your Way

And you can still use the Browse pull-down menu to access sources, topics and Practices Pages as in the past.

Lexis Advance Explore Content Browse Sources

It’s your research; it’s your choice. Come Explore.