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Your Feedback Maps Our DNA and Our Paths Forward

So we keep making Lexis Advance® better for you.

When you share your ideas with LexisNexis®, they mark our roadmap to the future. They become today’s latest features—making documents more flexible, adding more power to your search, enriching our content and much more. Here is what’s new at Lexis Advance® to make your research experience better and faster so you can concentrate on finding the best solutions.

Added Document Flexibility

You’re not just searching for documents; you’re selecting vital authority. We’ve added even more exceptional in-document search, navigation and validation tools to get you there faster.

Search within documents. Mine full-text documents more quickly to extract those vital nuggets you need to fuel your matter. Enter terms, phrases and connectors in a clear, expandable in-document search box...

Search Within Documents

then navigate easily to any or all of your term and phrase hits.

Even more ways to move through a document faster. Your essential document navigation tools are always in sight, never hidden as you browse. Reduce clicks and go where you need to—and back again—much faster and easier than ever. Go directly to specified document parts, page through or skip to terms in a single move.

“Go to” a document section, “Page” to, and “Navigate” terms always display on the floating toolbar.

Shepard’s® Preview displays prominently as you scroll through your document. Always know the status of your case, validate your points and access citing authority from anywhere within your document—and return immediately to your place when you’re finished, saving valuable time.

Access citing authority from anywhere

Capture publication edition when you copy text. Publication edition and date now displays automatically when you choose to copy a citation or copy selected text from a publication. Get a more complete citation in less time.

More delivery options with better performance. Now switch easily among your multiple Dropbox accounts from within Lexis Advance to save or share documents or results to firm, personal or group accounts. You don’t need to leave Lexis Advance or access Dropbox from a different window, tab or your desktop, keeping your research on track.

Stay on top of expiring alerts. Lexis Advance now displays your alert expiration dates in real-time online. Keep gaps from forming in your search monitoring.

More Search Power

An intuitive and precise search tool means more relevant results, more often. We keep refining our search tools up-front and behind the scenes to give you faster, smarter searches—the tools to get the job done.

Lexis Advance gives you on-the-spot help

“Did You Mean?” suggestions give you on-the-spot help to find the precise search terms you intended and better ensure on-point results. Alternate suggestions for mistyped or misspelled terms appear in a highlighted bar above results. Just click the suggestion to rerun the search.

More and better alias recognition of popular act names and popular case names saves you the time and trouble of performing multiple searches to find exactly what you need.

More and better alias recognition

The Lexis Advance service now recognizes even more citations and alternative citation formats. Official reporters, national reporters and more casual formats—when you know one but not the other, you are likely to find your source more easily in the red search box. Lexis Advance knows your full cite format so you don’t have to.

Get a fresh search box when you select a source. The red search box clears previously entered source selection search terms after you select a source item. You’re ready for a new search faster.

More Must-Have Content

We’re not just constantly adding new content to ensure you have access to the greatest collection of legal sources available. We’re also providing more keys to unlock the treasure within.

Pinpoint linking to Congressional Record PDFs. Segue directly from references to the Congressional Record to the pinpoint location within the Congressional Record PDF. Find those references faster in context for better comprehension.

Link from Congressional Record search to the PDF replica page.

Easier Results Review

You’re working to get the best outcome for your clients. We’re working the details to see that you complete your mission faster and easier.

Adjustable font sizes. Easily customize the font size of your screen display or document. Just click on the large or small letter icon to enlarge the display for clearer viewing or reduce the display for a better page fit. Use them in normal and reading modes without having to change your browser settings.

Find multi-jurisdictional sources in all applicable jurisdictions more easily. Sources spanning multiple jurisdictions, like the Midwest or Southeast Transaction Guides, display in all applicable jurisdictions. Find your source every time no matter what jurisdiction you browse.

Faster Start To Research

Time matters. Get off the blocks even faster with more seamless integration of research components.

COMING BEFORE 2016! Make a fast, seamless transition between the Lexis Advance and lexis.com® services. If you currently have access to lexis.com, move easily from your Lexis Advance screens back to lexis.com. Just select the pulldown menu next to Lexis Advance Research and select lexis.com.

If you are a LexisNexis® Legislative & Regulatory Alerts & Summaries subscriber, you can now seamlessly access this information from Lexis Advance Practice Area Pages.

Practice Pages available as of November, 2015— with more on the way. (Newest page additions are in bold.)

Lexis Advance Practice Pages can be the single starting point for all your research. Tap into the expanding portfolio of jurisdictional and practice-area pages for the fastest start to your specialty’s research, more expert-curated content and specialized workflow solutions. Get more of what you need from a single starting point.

Better Access Where You Work

From the organization to the device, get the power of LexisNexis how you work, wherever you work.

Working from your Apple® iPad® can give you a quantum productivity leap. Use your iPad app includes Advanced Search to build your query with easy-to-use forms and lock on to specific document parts for bulls-eye search results.