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Browsing Sources

By: Rachel Gilbert, JD.


    Search a specific source—or browse available Sources

  2. You can do Lexis Advance® research without selecting sources. But, if you wish to search a specific source, it’s easy.

    • Just click the Browse Sources link above the red search box.
    • Enter the source title or partial title, e.g., wall street journal, and click OK.
    • Click your source title. (See graphic) You can add the source to your search, view facts like coverage dates, or save the source as a favorite.

    Once on your favorites list, you can combine it with other saved sources on your favorites list.

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    About the Author

    Rachel Gilbert, JD, served as a Staff Attorney for the Civil Rights Clinic at Touro College before joining LexisNexis in 2004 where she currently works as a senior government consultant. Rachel resides in New York and is a lifelong New York Mets™ fan.

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