Semantic Search for Intellectual Property Solutions

LexisNexis® Semantic Search powered by PureDiscoveryTM can help improve your search results by suggesting concepts that relate semantically to your search query


  • Latent Semantic Analysis - Ensure that the semantic search returns more relevant documents that are deemed on point based on concepts, not just key words.
  • Most Scalable Semantic Technology Available - Access semantic intelligence that began learning with the USPTO patent index of over 7 million patent documents and over 2.5 million Elsevier journal articles and continues to learn as more patent documents are added.
  • Fully Federated - The semantic search platform can federate semantic search to virtually any index, whether it resides internally or on the Web.
  • Semantic Search Options - Choose from several solutions and sources when using the semantic search option: TotalPatentTM, PatentOptimizerTM, Elsevier journals, and Research Disclosure, selected news and business sources or LexisNexis® Toolbar (when you select sources on the toolbar with semantic search as an option).

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