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Time for the SEC to Extend a Deadline

Dodd-Frank set a July 21 deadline for changes to the Investment Advisers Act in Title IV:  The Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act. This included the  expiration of the private adviser exemption from registration under the Investment Advisers Act, the addition of an new exemption for "venture capital fund advisers" and the increase in the threshold for registration with the SEC to $100 million.

The SEC proposed a new Form ADV in November to deal with these changes. But the final form has not been published.

The SEC proposed a definition of "venture capital fund adviser" in November. The final definition has not been published.

With the increase in the registration threshold to $100 million, about 4,000 investment advisers will be moved to the state authorities for supervision. Many states are still in the middle of revising their statutes and regulations to deal with the changes.

Since the SEC has a 45 day review period on the Form ADV, the filing deadline is June 6. That's just two weeks away. Throw in Memorial Day weekend in the middle of that to lose a few more days.

In April, the SEC hinted that they would extend the July 21 deadline.  The IARD registration system would not be ready for the new Form ADV until the end of 2011. It sounded like the SEC is not ready.

I think it's unrealistic for the SEC to release the new regulations and forms in the next two weeks and expect their regulated constituents to be able to pull the pieces together. Actually, it's probably unrealistic to expect that the SEC will be ready in the next two weeks. They keep talking about have the regulations in place by July 21. That's 45 days too late. Looking at this week's SEC meeting, the subject is not on the agenda.

This week, I'm sitting down to start registering on the old Form ADV. The boxes don't fit very well and some of the dollar amounts are wrong. It may be a waste of time, but we are out of time.

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