Climate Change

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Marten Law: Climate Change: The Year Ahead
Posted on 6 Jan 2011 by Svend Brandt-Erichsen and Dustin Till

By Svend Brandt-Erichsen and Dustin Till, Attorneys, Marten Law PLLC In this Emerging Issues commentary, Svend Brandt-Erichsen and Dustin Till, attorneys for Marten Law PLLC, discuss the EPA rules regarding greenhouse gases (GHGs) that took effect on... Read More

The Dutch Climate Case: Beginning of a New Era of Climate Litigation?
Posted on 17 Sep 2015 by Dianne Saxe

In a worldwide first, the Hague District Court has ordered the Dutch government to cut its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by at least 25% compared to 1990 levels by the end of 2020. The decision, an English translation of which can be found here , has... Read More