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Same-Sex Marriage in Hawaii and Illinois, Abortion in Michigan and Oklahoma
Posted on 18 Nov 2013 by State Net

HI LEGALIZES GAY MARRIAGE: Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) signed the "Hawaii Marriage Equality Act of 2013" (SB 1) last week, enabling the Aloha State to edge out Illinois to become the 15th in the nation to legalize same-sex marriages. Illinois... Read More

Once Again: Voting Rights and Gay Marriage In The News
Posted on 3 Feb 2014 by State Net

VOTING RIGHTS BILL INTRODUCED IN CONGRESS: A bill introduced in Congress last month would require four southern states to once again obtain federal preapproval before making any changes to their voting laws by replacing parts of the Voting Rights Act... Read More

Governor Beshear Orders Defense Of Kentucky Gay Marriage Ban
Posted on 11 Mar 2014 by State Net

BESHEAR ORDERS DEFENSE OF KY GAY MARRIAGE BAN: Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear (D) said the Bluegrass State would hire a private sector attorney to defend the state's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. Beshear made the announcement... Read More

Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill, More Loom Across States
Posted on 5 Mar 2014 by State Net

BREWER VETOES ANTI-GAY BILL, MORE LOOM ACROSS STATES: Amidst much hue and cry last week, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) vetoed SB 1062, the highly controversial measure that would have allowed businesses to legally cite their religious beliefs as reason... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal Constitutional Rights Updates: Governor Pence Says Indiana Won't Recognize Gay Marriages Performed In State After Court Ruling
Posted on 15 Jul 2014 by State Net

PENCE SAYS IN WON'T RECOGNIZE GAY MARRIAGES: The lead legal counsel for Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) announced last week that the Hoosier State will not recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages performed in June before a court ruling allowing those... Read More

Abercrombie Calls Gay Marriage Special Session
Posted on 18 Sep 2013 by State Net

Saying the votes are there, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) called for a special session next month to allow lawmakers to act on legislation that would make the Aloha State the 14th to legalize same-sex marriage. The session has been scheduled for Oct... Read More

Diana Richmond on Hollingsworth v. Perry and U.S. v. Windsor: After Jubilation, What?
Posted on 5 Jun 2014 by Diana Richmond

Last month, as a result of the decision of United States District Court Judge John E. Jones III in Whitewood v. Wolf , 2014 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 68771 (M.D. Pa. May 20, 2014), [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], the State of Pennsylvania... Read More

Oklahoma Governor Blocks Same-Sex Benefits For National Guard
Posted on 24 Sep 2013 by State Net

FALLIN BLOCKS SAME-SEX BENEFITS FOR GUARD: Saying she was honoring the wishes of Sooner State voters, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) has ordered her state's National Guard units to stop processing requests for military benefits for same-sex couples... Read More

Whitewood v. Wolf Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in Pennsylvania
Posted on 18 Jun 2014 by McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

In a decision handed down on May 20th, Federal District Judge John E. Jones III struck down Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage, concluding that "all couples deserve equal dignity in the realm of civil marriage." Whitewood v. Wolf ,... Read More

Federal Judge Strikes Down Pennsylvania Same-Sex Marriage Ban, Resulting in Significant Impact on Employee Benefit Plans
Posted on 5 Jun 2014 by Duane Morris LLP

On May 20, 2014, a federal judge in the case of Whitewood v. Wolf struck down both Pennsylvania's ban on marriage for same-sex couples and its prohibition against recognition of same-sex marriages legally entered into in other jurisdictions, [ enhanced... Read More

Skirmishes In States Over Same-Sex Marriage
Posted on 18 Feb 2014 by State Net

SKIRMISHES IN STATES OVER SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Last week was a busy one for same-sex marriage, with significant developments on the issue in multiple states. Some of the biggest news came out of Nevada, where Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D)... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal Legislative Updates: Abortion Rules, Abortion Rules, and More Abortion Rules
Posted on 9 Apr 2014 by State Net

SOCIAL POLICY: A federal judge upholds an ARIZONA law that bans pill-induced abortions after seven weeks of pregnancy. U.S. District Judge David C. Bury said overturning the law was "not in the public interest," allowing it to go into effect... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal Constitutional Rights Updates: Voting Law Challenges Create Uncertainty Ahead Of Midterms
Posted on 24 Jun 2014 by State Net

Just months ahead of the midterm elections in November, court challenges to tough new voting laws in several states have thrown the electoral process into legal limbo. Nearly all of the laws — imposing strict photo ID requirements and restricting... Read More

Justice Department Keeps Up Pressure On Texas Voting Laws
Posted on 7 Aug 2013 by State Net

POLITICS AND LEADERSHIP: Last month, the U.S. Justice Department asked a panel of judges in San Antonio to order continued scrutiny of Texas' voting procedures, despite the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in June nullifying the requirement for the... Read More

7th Cir. Explains What Same-Sex Marriage and Voter ID Have in Common
Posted on 9 Oct 2014 by Foley & Lardner LLP

By Eric G. Pearson What do cases involving challenges to same-sex-marriage and voter ID laws have in common? The answer, according to a per curiam opinion issued last week by a panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit... Read More