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Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data
Posted on 3 Feb 2015 by Todd Janzen

A few people have asked me for a link to the farm data core principles document released by ag technology providers and industry trade organizations. Below is the entire document, which represents a collaboration of American Farm Bureau Federation, American... Read More

Ag Industry Releases Core Principles for Farm Data Privacy
Posted on 2 Feb 2015 by Todd Janzen

This past year some of America’s leaders in agricultural technology products worked together with American Farm Bureau Federation and industry trade organizations to come up with a set of core principles for data privacy. The principles identified... Read More

What You Need to Know about Farm Data Privacy
Posted on 11 Mar 2015 by Todd Janzen

Here is my presentation to the Indiana Horticultural Congress on January 21, 2015. You can follow along online by clicking below: Farm Data Privacy: What You Need to Know Please check out other articles about the agriculture and technology on this... Read More

Before You Click "Accept," Read Your Farm Data Privacy Policy
Posted on 10 Jun 2014 by Todd Janzen

If you are like most people, when computer programs ask you to accept their latest privacy policy, you probably just hit "I accept these terms" and get on with using the software. But recent concern over who controls agriculture's "big... Read More

A Closer Look at Farm Data Ownership
Posted on 4 Feb 2015 by Todd Janzen

A number of agriculture technology providers (ATPs) worked together recently to produce a document identifying core industry principles for data privacy and security on the farm. (Read the core principles document here: Privacy and Security Principles... Read More

Farm Bureau Data Privacy Poll Produces Some Interesting Results
Posted on 29 Jan 2015 by Todd Janzen

The American Farm Bureau Federation (Farm Bureau) recently polled over 2500 farmers about their concerns with data privacy and technology. Over 1000 of those surveyed indicated that they already use “precision technologies” on their farm,... Read More