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New Jersey Mayors and Corruption: The Answers to the Financial Fraud Law Quiz
Posted on 10 Feb 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

Earlier today, in our Financial Fraud Law Quiz, we asked you to identify the communities in New Jersey that have had mayors convicted or have had mayors who have pleaded guilty in corruption cases. We limited it to this century, and we started you off... Read More

This Day in Financial Fraud History: Martha Stewart Convicted
Posted on 5 Mar 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

It has been exactly 10 years since a federal jury convicted Martha Stewart of four felonies for making false statements related to her sale of ImClone stock. In a statement Stewart issued after the jury’s decision, she said that she was “obviously... Read More

Wall Street Firms Agree to Stop Cooperating with Analyst Surveys
Posted on 26 Feb 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

A number of prominent Wall Street firms have reached interim agreements with New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to stop their practice of cooperating with analyst surveys administered by what Schneiderman characterized as “certain elite... Read More

Pharmacy Preyed On HIV Patients While Fraudulently Billing Medicaid for Millions, Prosecutors Assert
Posted on 11 Mar 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

Three men have been arrested on charges that they defrauded government-funded health care programs by buying back prescriptions and billing Medicaid as if the medication had been dispensed. The two owners of 184th Street Pharmacy in the Bronx, along with... Read More

Omnicare Reaches $4.19 Million Settlement of Whistleblower Suit Alleging Kickbacks
Posted on 28 Feb 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

Omnicare Inc., an Ohio-based long term care pharmacy, has agreed to pay the U.S. government $4.19 million to settle allegations that it engaged in a kickback scheme in violation of the federal False Claims Act. Omnicare provides pharmaceuticals and services... Read More

Financial Fraud Law Quiz: New Jersey Mayors Who Have Been Convicted or Pleaded Guilty in Corruption Cases
Posted on 10 Feb 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

With the bribery, fraud, and extortion conviction last week of Tony Mack, the mayor of Trenton, New Jersey, the Financial Fraud Law Blog and the Financial Fraud Law Report thought we would ask our readers if they could identify the communities in New... Read More

Deferred Prosecution Agreements Now Available in the UK
Posted on 14 Feb 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

Prosecutors in the United Kingdom appear to be following the U.S. Justice Department’s lead and are going to be able to use deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs), beginning on February 24. Toward that end, the director of the U.K. Serious Fraud... Read More

Oil Company’s Ex-CEO Guilty in Foreign Bribery Case
Posted on 19 Feb 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

The former chief executive officer of PetroTiger Ltd., a British Virgin Islands oil and gas company with operations in Colombia and offices in New Jersey, has pleaded guilty for his role in a scheme to pay bribes to foreign government officials and to... Read More