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Immigration Law

Expert: Family Separation at Border Unlikely to Deter Central American Asylum Seekers

Tana Ganeva, Raw Story, June 19, 2018 - "Immigration experts point out that in addition to being inhumane, the policy is not likely to be effective because unlike Homan’s contention that the parents are choosing poorly, many don’t have much choice when it comes to fleeing their home countries. “I think the administration is trying to scare families from coming to the United states by claiming they’ll be separated from their children if they try,” Stephen Yale-Loehr, Professor of Immigration Law Practice at Cornell Law School, tells Raw Story. “But there has not been any evidence deterrence is successful, in some ways because it’s too early to tell since it takes a month or more to travel from central America,” he says. “Also, the administration may be underestimating the fear of gangs in their home countries. If someone is really desperate, they’re not going to pick up a US newspaper and worry about what might happen at the border.” “For many people it truly is a life or death situation to need to flee the gangs in those countries.” Separating kids from their families after they’ve made the long, dangerous trek to the border is obviously “cruel and inhumane” Loehr says."