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Matter of A-B- Action Toolkit!

CGRS, June 12, 2018 - "Stand with Refugee Women, Resist Attorney General Sessions’ Attack on Domestic Violence Survivors!


On June 11, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a deeply disappointing decision in an attempt to erode protections for domestic violence survivors and others who look to the United States for refuge. Invoking a rarely utilized power, Sessions reversed the grant of asylum to a Salvadoran domestic violence survivor in a case known as Matter of A-B-. CGRS represents the woman at the center of the case, Ms. A.B., who fled to the United States after suffering 15 years of brutal violence at the hands of her ex-husband.

This ruling marks a shameful attempt by Sessions to return us to an era when the United States did not recognize women’s rights as human rights, and women fleeing horrific gender-based persecution were wrongfully denied refugee protection. Now, more than ever, we need your help! Stand with us and make it clear that you want our country to continue to offer refuge to survivors of domestic violence when they have nowhere else to turn.


1) Publish an op-ed or press statement

Publish an op-ed or press statement expressing your support for critical protections for survivors of domestic violence seeking asylum in the United States. You can use CGRS’s press release as a model, or refer to one of those issued by our allies:

2) Share your support on social media

Raise your voice on social media! Share some of the good press coverage of the decision (links below). Circulate your statement or amplify those of others. Use the hashtags #ProtectSurvivors #ImmigrantWomenToo.

Sample Facebook post

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions just issued an alarming decision that attempts to erode hard-won protections for women and girls fleeing violence at the hands of abusive partners and family members. Learn more and use your voice to stand up for immigrant survivors of domestic violence. #ProtectSurvivors #ImmigrantWomenToo

Sample tweets

  • Attorney General Sessions is attempting to close the door to women and girls fleeing persecution. Women’s rights are human rights and our country must continue to #ProtectSurvivors! #ImmigrantWomenToo

  • Women fleeing life-threatening persecution have a legal right to apply for asylum in the U.S. We must not let Attorney General Sessions turn back the clock on protections for women refugees! #ProtectSurvivors #ImmigrantWomenToo

Press coverage of the decision in A-B-

Social media posts paired with images generate more engagement. Use one of our graphics, or create your own!

3)  Keep us informed about the impact of the A-B- decision

To identify cases for challenging the Attorney General’s ruling and to keep the public informed about the devastating impact of the decision, please follow these steps:

Tracking Court of Appeals Cases: Help us identify cases pending before the federal courts of appeals that may raise challenges to the A-B- ruling by filling out this short survey.

Tracking Denials for Advocacy: Help us collect information on compelling cases denied under A-B- (even if not yet ripe for circuit court appeal) by emailing us at

4) Sign petitions from Tahirih Justice Center and the ACLU

Sign online petitions from Tahirih Justice Center and the ACLU demanding that Jeff Sessions reverse his decision in Matter of A-B-.

5) Represent a woman facing deportation

If you are an attorney or accredited representative, consider taking on the case of an asylum seeker facing deportation under the Attorney General’s restrictive ruling in A-B-:

If your organization refers asylum cases to pro bono attorneys and you would like to be added to this action toolkit, please email CGRS Communications Coordinator Brianna Krong at

6) Support Ms. A.B. and other women fighting deportation

Consider a donation to CGRS to support our efforts to win protection for Ms. A.B. and challenge Sessions’ attempt to roll back hard-won advances for women’s and refugees’ rights.


For more information on how you can support our work on behalf of Ms. A.B. and others fleeing gender-based violence in their homes and communities, contact CGRS Communications Coordinator Brianna Krong at"