Immigration Law

UCLA Scholars Study the President's Intent on Immigrants

Celeste Gómez, Kimberly Cerón, Oscar Gaytán, Julia Isais, John Hernández, Susan Figueroa, Andy Aguiar, Carolina Armenta, Jennifer Bartelheim, Luís Ceja, Janet Chamu, Nicole Contreras, Fernanda Corral, Diana Adame, Ismael De Anda, Jazmín De La Torre, Victor Dealba, Moises Del Real Viramontes, Evelyn Escobar, Odalys Esquivel, Jackelyne García, Lissette García, Cristal Hernández, Lupita Hernández, Veronica Hernández, Jocelyne Herrera, Marco Antonio Juárez, Adan Martínez Ordáz, Stephanie Ochoa, Ruth Pérez, Magali Resendez, Ivone Santana, Jocelyn Teah, Eloy Torres, Yuina Hirose, & Otto Santa Ana, 21 December 2017 - "We studied over 300 speeches and 6000 tweets of Trump from July 2015 to September 2017, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Trump's story about immigrants boils down to just one narrative. It is a complete fiction, a dystopic view of a nation under siege.TRUMP'S FALSE NARRATIVE: America, the once great castle on the hill, is besieged. Its walls are broken, its border lays open, and it is overrun by ruthless invaders. Our enemy, Mexico, has flooded us with the worst of its people: violent criminals, drug cartels, gang members, and human traffickers. Meanwhile, stupid and corrupt American politicians have led us to this existential crisis. Only brave Trump can save our country by letting law enforcement officers forcefully rid the nation of the invaders, and by building a Great Wall to "make America great again." Trump’s false narrative is simple, false, and powerful. BELOW ARE ITS MAJOR ELEMENTS..."