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Immigration Law

Violating Federal Law, Army Bans Green Card Holders From Enlisting

Emily Singer and Ashley Edwards, Mic Network, Oct. 17, 2017 - "Army recruiters have been told to stop enlisting green card holders into the Army effective immediately, according to an email sent to military recruiters and obtained by Mic, a move that experts say breaks federal law. “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY DO NOT ‘SHIP’ OR ‘ENLIST’ ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL’S (ALL I-551 CARD HOLDERS) UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE,” reads an email sent to Army recruiters on Monday by Gregory C. Williamson, chief of the Accessions Suitability Office Guard Strength Division. Barring green card holders from enlisting in the military is against federal law, which states that an “alien who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence” may be enlisted in “any armed force.” “Barring all immigrants from enlisting is harmful to national security and is unlawful, because federal law allows them to enlist,” Margaret Stock, a citizenship and immigration lawyer in Alaska who helped develop the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program, said in an interview."