Immigration Law

IRAC Releases 2014 Edition of Index of Unpublished BIA Decisions

Ben Winograd writes:

"The Immigrant & Refugee Appellate Center (IRAC) is pleased to announce the release of the 2014 edition of its Index of Unpublished Decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals

About the Index 

The Index was created from an ongoing review of more than 6,000 unpublished BIA decisions, and contains links and summaries of hundreds of rulings selected for their potential to assist noncitizens in removal proceedings. Once purchased, the Index can be downloaded as a PDF and/or viewed in a web browser. All decisions are arranged by subject matter, and the 2014 edition has been re-organized to make decisions easier to locate. 

Monthly Updates 

The Index is updated every month with the latest unpublished BIA decisions. Individuals who purchase the 2014 edition may freely download all updated versions for the rest of the year. Customers who forward their purchase confirmations to will also receive monthly emails alerting them when an updated version is ready for download, and providing links to all new decisions added since the last update. 

Group Pricing 

The Index is an electronic book that may not be shared electronically without the express written consent of IRAC. If you are interested in sharing the Index with others at your firm, school, or organization, please email me ( to discuss options for group pricing. 

How to Preview and Purchase 

To see the table of contents and first page of the Index, follow this link. If you would like to purchase the Index, follow this link (credit card required). The cost of the 2014 edition is $49.95, which includes all monthly updates for the rest of the year and emails containing recently added decisions (see above)."