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Immigration Law

Judge Appoints Monitor in Franco v. Holder

ACLU, March 2015- "Franco v. Holder is a class action lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of immigration detainees in California, Arizona, and Washington who suffer from severe mental disabilities. The Obama administration has refused to provide an attorney, the most fundamental of legal protections, to these vulnerable individuals, even though they obviously cannot understand, let alone defend themselves in, their deportation hearings.

The ACLU has won rulings from the district court establishing the right to legal representation for all immigration detainees with a serious mental disorder that renders them unable to represent themselves. The victory represents the first time any court has ruled that a class of non-citizens are entitled to legal representation.

UPDATE - March 2, 2015: A federal judge has appointed a monitor to oversee the implementation of the Court’s orders. The monitor can be reached at or 1-844-687-1800. Read the order describing the monitor’s duties."