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Immigration Law

Recruiter Not a 'Specialty Occupation' for H-1B: Health Carousel v. USCIS

"Because the AAO denied Health Carousel's petition on four alternative grounds, Health Carousel can only succeed in its challenge by showing that USCIS abused its discretion with respect to each enumerated ground. Id. at 1037. USCIS must show that it had at least one valid ground for denial. ... Based on the existing administrative record, the Court finds that the AAO examined the relevant evidence, and rationally connected the law and regulations with the facts to support the various grounds for its decision. ... ORDERED that Defendant's motion for summary judgment (Doc. 20) is GRANTED, and Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment (Doc. 19) be DENIED. As no further matters remain pending, this action is now TERMINATED on the active docket of this Court." - Health Carousel v. USCIS, Jan. 3, 2014.