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Immigration Law

7 Immigration-Related Cases That May See High Court Action - Law360

Allissa Wickham, Law360, Oct. 14, 2015 -CASES TO WATCH

Torres v. Lynch: Appeal from an immigrant who is facing deportation over an attempted-arson conviction in New York.

Hernandez v. Mesa: Concerns the killing of a teenage Mexican boy, who was fatally shot by a border patrol agent.

Thompson v. Lynch: A Jamaican man says he wasn’t notified of his removal hearing, after the government used the wrong address.

Ortiz-Franco v. Lynch: A Salvadoran man hoping to defer deportation under the Convention Against Torture argues that a circuit court was wrong to hold that it couldn’t hear his factual claims. -  Stephen W. Yale-Loehr, an attorney with Miller Mayer LLP and an adjunct professor at Cornell Law School, noted that the Second Circuit and other appeals courts have held that individuals can only raise legal challenges to federal courts from the Board of Immigration Appeals. “But the Seventh Circuit and the Ninth Circuit have held that non-citizens with criminal convictions can raise both legal and factual claims challenging the denial of relief under Convention Against Torture,” he said.

Molina-Martinez v. U.S.: An immigrant claims that an error altering the sentencing guideline range should be presumed prejudicial.

Evenwel v. Abbott: A case over a state redistricting plan, which could impact how unauthorized immigrants who can’t vote are factored into such plans.

Texas v. U.S.: The battle over the president’s executive actions is still stuck in the Fifth Circuit, but could see high court action if the appeals panel rules in time.