Immigration Law

As House Clock Runs Out, Immigration Reform Looms

"Lawmakers have come under an unprecedented wave of lobbying from immigration-reform supporters on the right and left in recent days, keeping hopes for the legislation alive in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.  A small legion of pro- reform business, religious and law-enforcement leaders have converged on Capitol Hill this week to press lawmakers for action, and a comprehensive Democratic bill won its first GOP supporters.  At the same time, immigrant advocates also are visiting congressional offices and holding prayer vigils outside lawmakers’ residences, as happened last week at the Peoria home of U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.  The developments come as time runs short on supporters’ goal of action on immigration reform before the end of the year.  The prognosis for bipartisan cooperation is grim if work on the issue slides into 2014, a congressional midterm-election year." - Arizona Republic, Oct. 29, 2013.