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Immigration Law

DHS Sec. Johnson to Congress: DACA Info Should Not Be Used for Enforcement (with exceptions) - Letter

DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson, Dec. 30, 2016- "Dear Representative Chu: On behalf of the Administration, I write in response to the letter you and 110 other members of Congress sent the President on December 5. In your letter, you ask us "to do everything within [ our] power to safeguard the personal identifying information of DACA enrollees." We share your concerns. ... Since DACA was announced in 2012, DHS has consistently made clear that information provided by applicants will be collected and considered for the primary purpose of adjudicating their DACA requests and would be safeguarded from other immigration-related purposes. More specifically, the U.S. government represented to applicants that the personal information they provided will not later be used for immigration enforcement purposes except where it is independently determined that a case involves a national security or public safety threat, criminal activity, fraud, or limited other circumstances where issuance of a notice to appear is required by law. We believe these representations made by the U.S. government, upon which DACA applicants most assuredly relied, must continue to be honored."