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Immigration Law

Mayors Support President, Oppose Texas in Immigration Lawsuit

"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was among more than 30 mayors to go to court Monday to oppose a lawsuit brought by over a dozen states to block President Barack Obama’s immigration-reform plan .

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City and Houston Mayor Annise Parker along with Garcetti organized a national coalition of mayors that filed its friend-of-the-court brief, filed by interested parties in cases in which they are not direct participants, in federal court, according to officials.

Texas v. United States was filed last month by a coalition of states and governors against Obama’s executive action on immigration.

“Our residents, economies and municipal budgets directly suffer the consequences when federal immigration reform is stalled,” Garcetti said. “Moving forward  with these reforms is a human and economic imperative, and we’re united to make sure this important policy moves forward.”

The 28-page brief (PDF) argues that plantiffs from 17 states have “failed to satisfy” conditions that would justify an “extraordinary remedy of a preliminary injunction.”

The paper cites a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study claiming that Obama’s executive action will fuel economic growth in U.S. cities by allowing “invaluable ” foreign-born workers to sustain growth “in the face of an aging U.S. workforce and impending retirements.”" - CBS LA, Jan 26, 2015.