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Official Profiling of Perceived Muslims Persists, Years After 9/11: Cyrus Mehta
Posted on 26 Aug 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

" One would like to think that in 2013, this wholesale profiling against people because of their nationality or religion would have stopped, but a little known program known as Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program or CARRP since 2008... Read More

American Exile: Rapid Deportations That Bypass the Courtroom
Posted on 5 Dec 2014 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Every year, hundreds of thousands of people (83 percent) are deported from the United States without a hearing. These individuals never see a judge; instead, their rights and fates are determined by a single immigration enforcement officer in a... Read More

New Study Finds Immigration Officers Ordering Unlawful Deportations
Posted on 5 Dec 2014 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Melissa del Bosque interviews Sarah Mehta: "More than two million people have been deported since President Obama took office in 2008. Among this massive number of deportations, an increasing number of people with valid legal claims to remain... Read More

Prisoners of Profit: ACLU Challenges Georgia's Immigration Jails
Posted on 21 May 2012 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"The report, “ Prisoners of Profit ,” was based on documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as tours and interviews at Georgia's four federal immigration facilities. Three of those facilities, including... Read More

Hidden DHS Program Delays Citizenship for Muslims: Report
Posted on 22 Aug 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Millions of aspiring Americans apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) each year. But under a previously unknown national security program known as the “Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program” (CARRP... Read More

'Discharged, Then Discarded' - U.S. Has Failed Deported Vets
Posted on 9 Jul 2016 by Daniel M. Kowalski

ACLU, July 6, 2016 - "The federal government’s failure to help naturalize immigrants serving in the U.S. military has led to the deportation of untold numbers of veterans, all of whom were entitled to become citizens because of their service... Read More