Immigration Law

A Public Service Component to CIR?

"I have long thought there was a partial solution to the thorny questions surrounding a “path to citizenship.”  In my mind, it’s called CitizenCorps.  The idea is to use the existing 50-state bureaucracy of AmeriCorps to link undocumented workers with community-service projects where they live—to use community service as a means of accelerating the legalization process.  Undocumented residents who volunteer can earn residency/citizenship credits that could shorten their wait for a green card and, ultimately, citizenship. ... AmeriCorps is the nation’s conduit to community service.  It’s up and running across the land.  Undocumented workers need a means by which to obtain legal residency and, if possible, citizenship.   Congress and President Obama need a means to solve the transition from undocumented and illegal to resident and citizen.  CitizenCorps just might be a way." - Major Garrett, Nov. 15, 2012.