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Immigration Law

Free Webinar Thursday, May 17th - ICE Targeting Trends by Nationality

"A free webinar is scheduled for Thursday, May 17, at 2:00pm (Eastern US time) to present and discuss trends in new Immigration Court deportation proceedings for individual nationalities. Overall filings during FY 2012 continue to decline for most nationalities, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been citing criminal activity as grounds for deportation less often than it used to.

The seminar will cover ICE charging practices in deportation proceedings for each of the largest nationalities, and then demonstrate TRAC's data tools that let you examine details for any nationality group and Immigration Court. To register, go to:

For more information on TRAC webinars and to view archives of earlier sessions, visit

To keep up with TRAC, follow us on Twitter @tracreports or like us on Facebook:" - TRAC, May 14, 2012.