Immigration Law

Searching for Bottom of History's Dustbin, AP Compounds Style Error, This Time En Español

"The Associated Press started publishing some of its content in Spanish after World War I, but not until next week will the American news agency release a Spanish language stylebook.  And one of the most controversial of the nearly-4,000 entries will likely be the term "inmigrante ilegal" -- or "illegal immigrant." ... For Huffington Post Voces, which subscribes to the Spanish language AP wire service, the word 'inmigrante ilegal' will continue to be changed by hand to 'indocumentado' before every story regarding the subject is published.  "The term 'illegals' is obviously insulting, and deliberately so. It is very politically loaded," Editorial Director of HuffPost Voces, Gabriel Lerner, wrote in an email.  The AP stylebook warns against using the term "illegals or "illegal alien" in order to "respect the dignity of people in this situation."  But Kent, wrote last month that the AP does not believe the term "illegal immigrant" "offends a person's dignitiy."  Lerner, who has worked in Spanish-language media for more than 30 years, disagrees." - ABC-Univision, Nov. 14, 2012.