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Insurance Law

A Much Needed New Resource from LexisNexis for Professionals Who Work at the Intersection of Insurance Coverage and Intellectual Property Claims

LexisNexis is pleased to present a new publication, Insurance Coverage for Intellectual Property Claims: Personal and Advertising Injury, Media Liability and Cyber Claims. It brings clarity to several overlapping forms of insurance coverage that can potentially respond to a variety of intellectual property claims.  The insurance products that are available may seem bewildering, or at least illogical, for those without an  insurance background.  And, the number and complexity of potentially applicable insurance provisions are recently increasing at a rate that makes it hard for even specialists to completely understand.  Accordingly, this publication is designed to meet the needs of both neophyte and veteran practitioners of insurance coverage law as well as intellectual property law, media liability law, and cybertort law.  The most commonly available and pertinent insurance law policies and provisions  are discussed and analyzed in this publication.  Coverage “B” in Commercial General Liability policies can apply to certain trademark and copyright claims, but such coverage is usually limited to the context of advertising.  Other policy forms are specific to intellectual property disputes, and can provide coverage not otherwise available in common forms (such as patent defense and offensive “pursuit” coverage).  Media Liability coverage is a field of its own, providing insurance coverage that is broader than more general liability policies in some respects while containing significant limitations (e.g., a limited duty to defend).

In the context of this marketplace, policyholders run the risk of either buying redundant coverage, or of leaving gaps between the coverages purchased.  Accordingly, this publication features essential information for both the novice and the seasoned insurance coverage attorney, as well as members of the judiciary who encounter complex intellectual property insurance issues and all members of the insurance industry who must deal with these issues.

Lawyers who handle entertainment law and technology disputes will especially benefit from this publication, as well as those who handle intellectual property issues.  Further, this publication will be of use to inventors, researchers, and developers, as well as those who invest in their ideas and the attorneys who represent each of these parties.  It will be useful to agents of insurance companies, as well as brokers that help companies buy insurance.  Moreover, this publication will be of substantial  use to insurers (both underwriters who develop and sell policies, as well as the claims representatives and managers who must interpret them) and counsellors who represent them  as it allows them to stay abreast of the legal rulings that (for good or ill) shape the effect of insurance policies, often well beyond the authors’ intent.  Of special timely import, the inclusion of a full chapter on “cyber” coverage addresses old and new protections for today's rapidly increasing and ubiquitous risks involving electronic data; this chapter will be of particular use to lawyers and executives who help companies in the healthcare, financial, entertainment, communications, and technological industries.

For more information about this publication including how to purchase it, please see Insurance Coverage for Intellectual Property Claims: Personal and Advertising Injury, Media Liability, and Cyber Claims.

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