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Insurance Law

Free Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter May 1, 2012

   By Barry Zalma, Attorney and Consultant

In this, the ninth issue of the 16th year of publication Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL), ZIFL reports on:

1.    Barry Zalma reports on an interesting appellate decision that convicted a person for failing to advise his insurer that he intentionally caused a fire at his property. The arson and the failure to disclose the arson to the insurance carrier occurred at different times. The arson occurred at the time of the fire. The failure to disclose the arson to the insurance carrier occurred in the following days and months as the insurance adjuster investigated the insurance claim. Because the two crimes constituted a course of conduct divisible in there is no reason to preclude punishment for both crimes. The California Statute, therefore, requires that an insured who has attempted an insurance fraud, advise his or her insurer of the fact or make no claim at all. Failure to do so is a criminal act. This is a weapon against fraud that is seldom used but should be used often when evidence of fraud exists.

2.    Chapter VIII of the serialized novel "Murder and Insurance Don't Mix."

3.    Zalma on Insurance - the blog and Zalma Books.

4.    As usual, reports on convictions for insurance fraud.

ZIFL's author, Barry Zalma, also writes the blog "Zalma on Insurance" that was named by LexisNexis as one of the top 50 Insurance Law Blogs. "Zalma on Insurance" continues to post a summary of a new and interesting appellate decisions five days a week. Mr. Zalma has posted this year more than 400 articles on the blog whose readership is growing daily. The blog is intended to act as a daily supplement to Mr. Zalma's new e-books "Zalma on Insurance" which contains what Mr. Zalma believes are most of the important insurance cases decided in the US and "Zalma on Insurance Fraud - 2012″ both of which are available from Zalma Books.

If you or your client face a potential insurance fraud, an insurance coverage issue, an insurance claims handling issue or a claim of the tort of bad faith, and wish to have the assistance of one of the very best insurance coverage counsel and insurance claims handling expert or consultant, contact Barry Zalma at 310-390-4455. Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized insurance coverage, insurance claims handling and insurance bad faith expert witness or consultant.  He is available to provide advice, counsel, consultation and expert testimony concerning insurance fraud, first and third party insurance coverage issues, insurance claims handling and bad faith.

ZIFL is published 24 times a year by ClaimSchool, Inc. It is provided free to clients and friends of the Law Offices of Barry Zalma, Inc., clients of Zalma Insurance Consultants and anyone who subscribes at  The Adobe and text version are available FREE on line at

ZIFL will be posted for a full month in pdf and full color FREE.

Reprinted with Permission from Zalma on Insurance, (c) 2011, Barry Zalma.

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, is a California attorney, insurance consultant and expert witness specializing in insurance coverage, insurance claims handling, insurance bad faith and insurance fraud. Mr. Zalma serves as a consultant and expert, almost equally, for insurers and policyholders. He founded Zalma Insurance Consultants in 2001 and serves as its senior consultant. He recently published the e-books, "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose - 2011," "Zalma on Rescission in California," "Zalma on Diminution in Value Damages," "Arson for Profit" and "Zalma on California Claims Regulations," "Murder and Insurance Fraud Don't Mix" and others that are available at Zalma Books.

Mr. Zalma can be contacted at Barry Zalma or, and you can access his free "Zalma on Insurance Fraud" newsletter at Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter.

Zalma on Insurance is a LexisNexis Insurance Law Community Top Insurance Blogs for 2011 winner.

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