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Insurance Law

The Innovative Online Arbitration Evaluation Tool: CaseXplorer Arbitration

This article describes the new online arbitration case evaluation tool, CaseXplorer® Arbitration™. It covers the value of a mock arbitration process and the cost and time savings that this new, online process brings to lawyers and their clients.  CaseXplorer® Arbitration™ is a collaboration between the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and DecisionQuest. CaseXplorer® Arbitration™ is an online case evaluation tool, providing a lower cost and faster alternative to in-person mock arbitrations. Using CaseXplorer Arbitration, in-house counsel or their outside lawyers can receive an objective evaluation of their case from experienced arbitrators. It can be used CaseXplorer Arbitration before an arbitration case has been filed or while an arbitration is pending. With the CaseXplorer® Arbitration™ online case evaluation tool, one will obtain feedback from three or five AAA evaluative arbitrators available for CaseXplorer® Arbitration™ who are not associated with the actual arbitration.

Joan B. Kessler, JD, PhD, is a mediator, arbitrator, lawyer and former jury consultant who serves as Managing Director of CaseXplorer Arbitration™. A. Kelly Turner, Esq. is a Vice President at the American Arbitration Association and, previously, handled complex commercial litigation at a large, national law firm.

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