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Why Failure To Read Policy Hurts Both Insured and Insurer – Per Claim Deductible Defeats Cover for Bad Faith Suit
Posted on 25 Aug 2015 by Barry Zalma

It sees to me that no one reads an insurance policy until a claim is made. Even insurers fail to read or apply the terms and conditions of the policy to the facts of a loss. In Western Heritage Ins. Co. v. Asphalt Wizards , — F.3d —-, 2015... Read More

15 Minutes (Fifteen Seconds, Really) Could Have Saved The Gecko More Than 15% On Car Insurance
Posted on 26 Aug 2014 by Randy J. Maniloff

Coverage Opinions hardly ever addresses automobile or subrogation cases. Here I address both. But wait, stay with me. This is an interesting one. It also speaks to an overarching issue concerning how insurers treat policyholders in a certain claim setting... Read More

Lorelie S. Masters and Jerold Oshinsky on “Is ‘Fair’ Fair?: ‘All Sums’ and the Allocation of Deductibles”
Posted on 22 Apr 2010 by Lorelie S. Masters and Jerold Oshinsky

Much has been written on the issue of allocating an insured's liability across policy limits under general liability insurance policies. The article "Is 'Fair' Fair?: 'All Sums' and the Allocation of Deductibles," by Lorelie... Read More