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Expert Must Explain Conclusions: Conclusory Affidavit Not Evidence
Posted on 14 May 2014 by Barry Zalma

An expert witness, providing an affidavit in opposition to a motion for summary judgment, must provide the same type of testimony he or she would provide if called as a witness at trial. Information known to the expert and the basis of the expert’s... Read More

SNR Denton LLP on Jones v. Farmers Insurance Exchange: Whether Insurer's Position Is Fairly Debatable Not Always Susceptible to Summary Judgment
Posted on 3 Dec 2012 by William T. Barker

By William T. Barker, Partner, SNR Denton LLP In Jones v. Farmers Insurance Exchange, the Utah Supreme Court held that the district court had erred in granting summary judgment that the insurer's denial of coverage was "fairly debatable"... Read More