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ABA to Assume Bigger Role in Fight Against Human Trafficking

Laurel Bellows, American Bar Association (ABA) President-Elect, recently announced an ABA anti-human trafficking initiative. During the next year, ABA efforts will include promotion of uniform state anti-trafficking laws, first responder victim assistance training, anti-trafficking corporate responsibility activities, and encouraging lawyers to handle human rights cases on a pro bono basis.

This ABA presidential initiative was announced by Ms. Bellows during a panel discussion moderated by Kenneth R. Thompson, II, Reed Elsevier General Counsel. As noted by General Counsel Thompson, LexisNexis (a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier) has been working to combat human trafficking as part of the company's commitment to the rule of law.

Such efforts include LexisNexis support of a video training manual by the United Nations Global Compact and the International Bar Association (IBA) titled "Lawyers as Leaders: The Essential Role of Legal Counsel in the Corporate Sustainability Agenda."

Steering the panel discussion, Thompson stated, "...we should be doing the right thing..." and pointed out that even if businesses do not accept that position, they nonetheless will be facing serious liability issues if they do not take steps to oppose human trafficking.

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